Discussion on Inequality

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Oct 19 2011 13:49
Discussion on Inequality

The gap between those at the top of society, and the rest of us, is actually getting bigger. That applies throughout capitalism, and it's the case even in Britain, after years of Labour Governments – which promised to run capitalism in the interests of all of us. This inequality has even got Conservatives worried.

A few months ago Michael Portillo, former Tory M.P. and indeed former aspirant for the job of Tory leader, made a speech about the way things are going. Portillo denounced the “greedy, irresponsible behaviour of Britain’s wealthy, financial and managerial elite”.

The chief executives of middle-sized financial companies [who of course are also large shareholders] receive average salaries of £2 million and continue to vote themselves pay increases, at a time when ordinary workers face cuts in their pay and pensions. Such disparities could prove incompatible with democracy, according to Mr Portillo.

Reports from other countries suggest that this is a general trend in capitalism throughout the world. What about America, self-appointed world’s policeman, raising the banner of freedom and a fair society across the globe?

Another shocking statistic quoted by Mr Portillo: inequality has now become so extreme that America’s 74 richest citizens receive more income than the bottom 19 million combined.

David Cameron has said “we are all in this together”. As usual, some are more in it than others. And what very many people are in, up to the neck, is the muck and slime at the bottom of society.................

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