Cowley Club are fundraising

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Kate Sharpley
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Jun 4 2019 10:04
Cowley Club are fundraising

"The Cowley Club is a DIY social centre. We're vegan. We're not-for-profit. We're an inclusive space where people can meet, share ideas and organise without being badgered to buy something."
"Our building is over a hundred years old, and we are facing some costly and urgent repairs. Our income alone is not enough to meet these expenses."

if you're after the Cowley Club website, that's at

Nymphalis Antiopa
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Jun 10 2019 19:04

Went to The Cowley Club about 18 months ago and the guy running it, a French guy who'd been running it for a couple of decades according to him, said he thought Macron was a breath of fresh air in French politics. Maybe he needs some "costly and urgent repairs" to his attitude to the world.