"On Communes" Film Season

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Feb 12 2010 16:56
"On Communes" Film Season

We're running a film season at LimaZulu project space at the end of this month, thought it may be of interest to some people on here. All are welcome.

Sunday 28th February: 1pm
‘La Commune (Paris, 1871)’
(Peter Watkins, 2000)

Centered on the story of the Paris Commune, the working-class insurgency that briefly ruled the French capital in 1871, Watkins's film is at once a provocative account of a neglected episode in social history, a call to arms against the contemporary injustices of capitalism, a critique of the mass media and an experiment in collective filmmaking that recalls the heady days after France's mass rebellion in May 1968.
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Sunday 28th February: 8:30pm
‘La Cecilia’
(Jean-Louis Comolli, 1975)

Comolli’s 1975 film tells the true story of a 19th century Brazilian colony founded by a group of radical Italian anarchists. The director examines the difficulties faced by settlers due to the harsh external environment and the reality of turning their ideals into a practicable social model. Drawing directly on original source material the film also examines the hostile reaction of the Italians native movement to the settlement, accusing them of abandoning the practical workers struggle by searching for utopia.
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Monday 1st March: 7pm
(Kevin Brownlow, 1975)

Winstanley is based on the radical social movement The Diggers, a group of early Christian communists rising after the English Civil. Rejecting the notion of private property as sacrilegious, on the grounds that ‘God made the earth a common treasury to share’, they squatted on common land and started peacefully building a community together. Shaken by the upsurge in radical movements, Parliament and aristocracy aimed to put down this wave of dissent, and Brownlows lovingly built film reconstructs this narrative, combining Winstanleys original words with a tender portrayal of the English countryside that was at the heart of the Diggers philosophy.
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Monday 1st March: 8:30pm
‘Red Psalm’
(Miklos Jancso, 1972)

Red Psalm is one of Hungarian film director Miklos Jancso's best-known films. It recounts the story of a peasant uprising on an estate in Hungary in the 1890s. Examining the nature of revolt, and the morality and pragmatism of revolutionary violence, the film uses symbolic imagery and language involving the color red to great effect and was filmed in a virtuoso manner, using only 28 shots. The pacifistic peasants, who seek some basic rights, are in a standoff with local authorities and later, the army. After a mutual truce to celebrate a festival, the peasants resume their strike and are forced to encounter the inevitability of violence.

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Tuesday 2nd March: 7pm
‘Time of the Wolf’
(Michael Haneke, 2003)

-followed by a short paper and discussion on the idea of exaggeration in apocalyptic films.

Following the murder of her husband, a woman and her two children try to survive in a murderous post-apocalyptic world. Although the nature of the environmental disaster is never made explicit, the hunt for scarce resources such as water forms the narrative of this film as it intelligently examines system of social organisation and control in the context of the basics of human survival and interaction.

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Tuesday 2nd March: 9:30pm
(John Boorman, 1974)

Amazing sci-fi film where Sean Connery (Zed), dressed as Zapata in a mankini, leads a macho rebellion against a authoritarian (though complacent) matriarchal society known as The Vortex after a giant stone head arrives from the sky and vomits guns from its mouth in return for grain harvested by the slaves.

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For more information please get in touch or leave a message on this thread.


LimaZulu Project Space
Unit 3J, Omega Works, 167 Hermitage Rd, London N4 1LZ
London, United Kingdom

0208 800 7428


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Feb 25 2010 12:32

Bumping this as it's this weekend, and also to add this-

On Sunday we'll also show (on a monitor)

The Role of a lifetime (2003), dir. Deimatas Narkevicius. (16 minutes)
(With voice over from Peter Watkins on his struggle to make his fictional documentaries.)

All welcome etc etc

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Feb 26 2010 22:42

Sounds good Huw. The Radical Reading Collective were hoping to have intervals between books with a showing of radical films. Since were practically within stones throw of each other, is there any chance of co-ordinating a film night?

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Feb 27 2010 01:17

yeah that sounds really interesting. We had a meeting tonight where we were looking at a new programme for the summer- this is exactly the sort of thing we were thinking of using the space for. Might make a nice break from Marxist ceramics. If you want to drop me an e-mail at reception(at)limazulu.co.uk then we'll see if we can arrange something?