Call-In: Demand Paid Sick Days and Reinstatement for Jimmy John's Workers!

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Mar 23 2011 09:01
Call-In: Demand Paid Sick Days and Reinstatement for Jimmy John's Workers!

Workers at Jimmy John's in Minneapolis have been standing up for justice in the food service industry since going public as union in September 2010.

Yesterday the Jimmy John's franchise in Minneapolis illegally fired 6 workers in retaliation for our efforts to win paid sick days in order to ensure safe food for customers. This outrageous firing will not stand.

Workers at Jimmy John's and across all industries will keep on standing up for dignity, sick days, and customer health.

Please call Jimmy John's franchise owners Mike and Rob Mulligan on Wednesday March 23rd. Tell them you support paid sick days and demand an end to their illegal retaliation.

Rob Mulligan

Mike Mulligan

If you're not sure what to say, here's a place to start:

"Hi my name is __________. I'm a Jimmy John's customer. I'm calling because I don't want to buy sandwiches made by sick workers. I want you to provide paid sick days so I know that my sandwich wasn't made by a sick person. I also know you illegally fired some people for standing up for paid sick days. I support those people. Will you provide paid sick days? Will you re-instate the fired workers?"


Donate to the Jimmy John's Worker Union online at

Sign the supporter petition

Come to the IWW Jimmy Johns Workers Union Solidarity Committee: 7pm
Thursday, March 24th at 79 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis
If you have questions about the Solidarity Committee email
Please make the attached poster your facebook picture.
To follow us on twitter on your phone text "Follow TCIWWACT" to 40404 and
reply to the text message.

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Mar 23 2011 22:23

Just want to give this a bump. If you're in the States, please give a ring.

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Nov 7 2011 18:50

Looks like they're getting their jobs back:

Fellow Worker Erik Foreman reports: "The NLRB is going to file a complaint against Jimmy John's on every single charge we filed against them--their use of an anti-union facebook group, interrogation of workers, and the firing of ( Micah Buckley-Farlee, David Boehnke, Davis William VanderMaten Ritsema, Mike Pudd'nhead, and Max Specktor ) over the sick day posters. This means that the six fired organizers will go back to work, with back pay. Hopefully within the next few months."