Announcements: G8 Action Timeline

G8 Action Timeline

This timeline has mostly been taken from the Peoples' Global Action (PGA) website's special G8 page:

It is relatively 'non-partisan' in the sense that it contains details of actions being organised by all of the mobilisations against this year's G8 Summit, including Dissent! (, G8 Alternatives ( and Make Poverty History (

Please use this thread for announcing actions and events related to the G8 Summit. Obviously feel free to add comments which correct or update information displayed here.

I personally think it would be helpful if this thread were used solely for the purpose of announcing events and that if discussion and debate took place elsewhere on this forum.


30 Critical Mass Against G8 & Climate Change, Steingardens, Worthing, 2pm

30 Revolution Activists in France are planing various decentralized actions making "The Revolution". You are invited to do some actions autonomously in your own comunity/ city...


21-22 Gathering in Nottingham – nottinghamdissent[at]

27 G8 Earth Activist Training. A short permaculture course preparing for the planned. Info:

1 month before the Summit Urban convergence centre in Edinburgh or Glasgow available.


Early June: Gathering at the newly opened convergence center in Scotland.

Early June «Cre8 Summat» A project to support positive social and ecological projects in the area around Gleneagles.

Early June encampments and convergence centres leading up to the G8 protests.

10 to 11 G8 Finance Ministers meeting, London.

16 to 17 G8 Justice & Interior Ministers, Sheffield.

18 Bike Caravan to Gleneagles begins in Brighton.

more details: and

20 Jubilee Rickshaw Freedom Riders Depart Westminster to Edinburgh

more details:

2 weeks before the Summit: 'Community Anarchy Project' actions start, supporting and initiating social and ecological projects in the area around Gleneagles, Glasgow and Edinburgh together with local residents.

1 week before the Summit: Setting up the camps (rural converge spaces).


Fri 1 Edinburgh Critical Mass

Fri 1 Make Poverty History campaign, Transport to Edinburgh


Sat 2 Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. Up to 200,000 expected.

Sun 3 'Community Anarchy Project' Street Carnival born out of the community work that the community anarchy crew have been doing.

Sun 3 G8 Alternatives Counter-Conference.

Mon 4 Bike Caravan arrives. and

Mon 4 Day of Action against the armed wing of Globalisation. Big Blockade of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base. Called for by Trident Ploughshares and CND. –

Mon 4 American Independence Day. Anti-militarist actions.

Mon 4 «Working Group Against Work» Actions. A carnivalesque parade through Edinburgh, visiting places responsible for the increasingly precarious way in which we experience work and life: dole offices, debt collectors, employment agencies and more.

Tue 5 Beacons of Dissent! Action. An attempt to light beacons on the hills surrounding the G8 Summit the night before the Conference begins.

Tue 5 No Borders Demo at Dungavel Detention Center

Wen 6 Blockades of the Summit. Different styles of action will be used to blockade different routes to Gleneagles.

Wed 6 Demonstration. A demonstration from Gleneagles train station, via the entrance to the Hotel, to a nearby park has been called for by G8 Alternatives.

Wed 6 Global Day of Action. A day of decentralised action, in villages, towns and cities worldwide has been called for by the Peoples' Global Action European Conference and the 'Caracol Intergalaktika', an autonomous space within the International Youth Camp at the World Social Forum.

Wed 6 Autonomous Kids 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' near Gleneagles

Wed 6 Autonomous golfing actions in preparation for the People's Golfing Association open golf tournament.

6-8 July Hill-walking actions in the Ochil Hills, south-east of Gleneagles.

Thu 7 Day put aside for prisoner support and decentralised actions around the area coming from the convergence spaces. Blockades might continue from day before

Thu 7 Peoples' Golfing Action (PGA) Actions. An attempt to hold a people’s golf tournament on Gleneagles golf course. Plus fours not required.

Fri 8 International day of action against the causes of climate change.

Other actions: including actions by an autonomous kids group, the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA:, the G8 Feminist Action ( and a queer anti-G8 group ( and others are being planned throughout the Summit.

More people are needed to get involved with organising the above actions. Follow the web links, get in touch and get involved! If there’s nothing which appeals to you here, get together with others and start organising something of your own.

After July:

Post traumatic stress workshops, Legal Support and solidairty actions coinciding with the protests against the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement (FTAA) Summit in Argentina in November, and the World Trade Organisation Ministerial in Hong Kong in December.

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Sun 03 July: Make borders history: Walking tour of Glasgow

There is no offical march. Small groups are asked to

assemble near Bucahnan Tube Station where information

on the different organisations involved in deporting

Asylum seekers will be distributed. Groups can then

tour Glasgow to join the dots in the picture of

detention and deportation.


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Stop the War Coalition is planning a protest in Edinburgh on 2nd July


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