AFED Resistance bulletin 105 September 2008

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Sep 3 2008 23:15
AFED Resistance bulletin 105 September 2008

Resistance bulletin 105 September 2008 is now online:


WELCOME TO MANCHESTER - Labour Party annual conference.

LOCALS SAY "NEVER AGAIN" TO SCUMFEST - Direct action at the BNP Red White and Blue Festival.

CENTRAL EUROPEAN WORKERS STRIKE BACK - In Iceland, following deaths at power construction site.

UNIONS SLAMMED FOR FAILING LOW PAID WORKERS - Women workers still getting a raw deal.

TAKING BACK OUR PRIDE - 18 years of the Manchester gay pride festival, but money talks too much.

E'ON, F'OFF! - A PLEASANT STROLL TO KINGSNORTH - Report back from the 3rd Camp for Climate Action.

TIME TO TRIM THE FAT (AND GET SOME EXERCISE) - Opposition to Wembley academy school.

SUBVERT - Diary dates in Manchester: Roma solidarity demo (19th) and Stop the War anarchist & no borders bloc (20th).