Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces (UADF)

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D. Ch.
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Jan 6 2008 20:38
Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces (UADF)

Hello! I`m from Russia.
Little time ago I`ve read in one of our zines about anarchist insurrectionary organisation in Uganada, called Uganda Anarchist Democratic Forces (UADF), which hold the guerilla war with government...
On web I`ve found only few information and that of 8 years old (2000) -

I`d like to ask, has anybody any information about this very interesting one? Did this movement really exist? And, if did, what is its position today?

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Jan 7 2008 11:46

To me it sounds like it's made up.

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Jan 14 2008 08:56

D. Ch., have you considered trying to email this Joram person, who claimed to be a sub-delegate of the UADF? they mentioned his email on that site, "". of course, it's certainly quite old, and there's a good chance that email address might not be valid anymore (or, if the group really did exist, there's a strong chance Joram could be dead).

if emailing him doesnt turn anything up, perhaps you could try emailing someone from zabalaza? certainly not Ugandan, but they have a better idea of what's happening in Africa than most anyone here.

if you do check into this and discover anything, please tell us what you found! it's not impossible that such an organization could exist, even if unlikely.

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Sifuna Zonke
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Jan 15 2008 07:28

Please see this link for more info on the UADF.


Essentially it is this; "the ADF is universally held to stand for "Allied Democratic Forces", not "Anarchist Democratic Forces".

As for Joram Jojo, who was running the Anarchism in Uganda website , I believe he was based in the UK, and have not been able to contact him on the email address he lists for ages.