Swaziland: Assassination of Comrade Ntokozo Ngozo: (Mapaila, SSN, SA) eng

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Aug 14 2007 14:41
Swaziland: Assassination of Comrade Ntokozo Ngozo: (Mapaila, SSN, SA) eng


The SSN has learnt with great shock the shameless cowardly coordinated assassination of comrade Ntokozo Ngozo by the ruthless and dogmatic royal police of Swaziland whose hands still drips with blood of the many martyred Swazis. These shamesless cowards should know that, by killing comrade Ntokozo Ngozo, they have crossed the line of acceptable engagement and declared war on the democratic movement as a whole.

The democratic forces as well as the entire peace loving Swazis will not idle by and fold their arms when their own blood is spilt in shameful manner by the royal police who criminalises the people's struggle for a democratic Swaziland and outlaws revolutionaries and declares them outcast. They can never kill the living revolutionary sprit of comrade Ntokozo Ngozo. Comrade Ntokozo was not a criminal, the Royal regime knows that very well, he was a product of the prevailing conditions created by the regime in Swaziland, they murdered him with impunity and for that we will not rest until we get to the bottom of the truth and indeed they shall pay heavily. He will not be another statistic.

Indeed the Royal regime has succeeded to test our tolerance levels. We are angry with those who killed him, we are angry with the royal autocracy, we are angry with the intolerance of King Mswati III. He must reign on his police or face the anger of the revolting masses.

Comrade Ntokozo Ngozo was a committed young revolutionary of the People's United Democratic Movement and a member of SWAYOCO who cut his political activism in the Swaziland student movement, Swaziland Association of Students. He was a dedicated freedom fighter, a true servant of the people and a committed revolutionary.

The SSN is proud that comrade Ntokozo did not die a coward running away from the royal system, he confronted the system with unflinching courage of a dedicated people's warrior, conscious of all consequences, he died in full combat fighting against the un-democratic autocratic regime of Nkanini and its oppressive Tinkundla system. He died fighting for the total liberation of his country for which his blood will nourish its many seeds of freedom and galvnise the youth to fight for freedom until full liberation in Swaziland.

The SSN has no equivocation in calling for all his comrades, his peers and those who love freedom to turn all against the royal regime until it is down on its knees at the mercy of democratic dispensation. We say to all comrades spare no efforts in your attack on the cruel system, it should not be allowed to take one more revolutionary soul, the time is now or never to end once and for all this evil nonsense of royal lunacy masquerading as tradition and culture but yearns for life of the innocents.

To his family and friends and the liberation movement as a whole we pass on our heartfelt condolences and share your pain of losing such a committed cadre and are saddened by his untimely death for which its revenge is democracy in Swaziland. We call on all of you to take up his spear and carry on the fight in whatever way possible for a legitimate cause - the total liberation of the suffering Swazi people.

May his undying sprit live on until the day of freedom dawns when we shall dig the truth and punish those responsible for this cowardly act of maiming human life.

Long live his memory! Freedom or death - Victory is certain!

Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity Network - South Africa Chapter
Mapaila Solly - National Chairperson
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Sorry. Lucky's cell/mobile number should be: +27(0)72-502-4141 (you delete the O in brackets if calling from outside SA).