South African anarchist newsreader outburst

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Oct 1 2011 03:58
South African anarchist newsreader outburst

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Oct 1 2011 09:47

rant here

statement on his blog

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Oct 1 2011 17:08

Thats genius, flat out genius.

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Oct 1 2011 18:24

Made me laugh - hopefully a sign of the times. A million times better than the newsreader in the States who said in the mid-70s "And now in keeping up with this station's policy of bringing you the very latest news, I'll committ suicide live on telelvision", and she pulled out a gun and did so.

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Oct 1 2011 22:39

"fuck malema," among the rest

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Oct 2 2011 19:37

That would've really cheered me up, especially how satisfingly surreal it would've felt at 1 am or whenever it was. Probably confused some reactionaries as to why a black man singled out a racist black politician in his rant, as they're all in it together y'know.

Although I notice he said 'fuck domestication' ?

Oh, and the four comments left seem surprisingly balanced and lacking ALL CAPS as well privileged, sneering sarcasm for the Daily Mail.

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Oct 2 2011 20:24

Amazing! And the comments on the Daily Mail are good as well

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Oct 2 2011 22:12

I'm not sure when he says fuck racism he is talking specifically about Malema on that rant ya know Baron. I think the Malema thing has probably more to do with him being a crude nationalist and a member of the ANC (which to some on the more radical fringes in SA are seen as irredeemable sell-outs).

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Oct 3 2011 04:54

The ANC are not "sell-outs": they have always been very hierarchical, very capitalist - even if they've changed from State capitalism to neoliberalism. A "sell-out" is someone who used to be on your side.
See this - from 1985:

"We want Johannesburg to remain the beautiful and thriving city that it is now. Therefore, we are willing to maintain separate living until there are enough new employment opportunities and new homes to allow blacks to move into Johannesburg with dignity. "

For the past quarter century, the ANC has been the foremost surrogate government of South Africa. It has earned a name for its rhetoric and its ravings, and has been over-generous with its praises for the Russian bureaucracy. But beneath the ideological bombast, it has developed a bureaucracy more capable than any other of replacing the apartheid state and of successfully negotiating in the international corridors of power.
For decades, the ANC advocated guerrilla war as the only viable salvation for black South Africans. During the uprisings of 1976-7 and 1980, the ANC was conspicuously absent from the heat of struggle. ANC even went so far as to minimise the importance of these struggles as leaderless, anarchic and even infantile.
The events of the last year have led ANC to abruptly change its tune: it now recognises internal revolt as the threat to the white state, and the only viable avenue for an ascent to power. This recognition coincides with an admission by the State that the centre of its problems lie within the country, not outside.
A number of factors combined to allow ANC to keep its hat in the ring despite its ineffectiveness.
No small credit can be given to the South African government, which, for 20 years defined the ANC as the enemy, both for self-serving reasons and because of the government's own illusions.
The prestige of being the oldest liberation movement, with well-known figures and martyrs, played a part.
The hope of blacks for an outside solution, similar to the hope of religious people for salvation from on high, also had a role. Along with this often went the constantly frustrated desire for arms. Weapons came not in a flood but a trickle always in the hands of loyal cadres, and mostly squandered on terrorist acts. But although desperate people saw no significant delivery of the goods, ANC remained the only potential game in town.
Though the build-up of a bureaucracy inevitably goes hand in hand with calcified, hierarchical thinking, the ANC managed to avoid the fate of the Pan-African Congress, which committed suicide by choking on its own dogma.
The ANC has not lost sight of its sole real practical objective: the seizure of power in South Africa. This is the fundamental requirement of an effective Leninist organisation. ANC has crossed many bridges but burnt very few. One example of this is that, despite its relationships with the Stalinists of the eastern bloc, it has remained foremost a nationalist group. There is no doubt that the ANC would be internally Stalinist in the unlikely event of a coup, negotiated or otherwise. But that an ANC government would become a simple Russian satelite, along the lines of MPLA in Angola, is rather implausible.
It is wrong to say that events "forced" the ANC to do anything. The new ANC outlook is an opportunistic move, notable not for being opportunistic, but for being successfully so.
The success has been spectacular. After years of hollow claims and dirty deeds, all is forgotten and ANC is very much in the running again. It is gaining confidence almost to the point of euphoria. For the first time, there is evidence among those actually fighting the Police of a significant spontaneous support for ANC. Passive support is at an all-time high. It is the only oppositional organisation with a highly developed bureaucracy and wide-scale international recognition. Best of all, it must only prescribe activities to the masses after they have already happened in order to maintain its position. The townships have become ungovernable? The ANC must only announce the slogan, "Make the townships ungovernable," and its popularity skyrockets.
ANC will continue to conduct terrorist activities and even intensify them if it can. It must maintain a visible profile, and keep up morale and dedication amongst its armed wing. But for most of those in the ANC military camps, the future after the glorious event, if it comes, is more mundane: as the elite of the ANC police.
As is the case with the State, ANC does not know where it will be swept in the course of revolution. In spite of a definite growth in support, ANC finds events out of its control. Wild speculation abounds about navigating from London and Lusaka to Pretoria. But some basic points can and must be made.
In a particularly revealing moment, the mystical Nelson Mandela, jailed demigod of the ANC, recently said: "We want Johannesburg to remain the beautiful and thriving city that it is now. Therefore, we are willing to maintain separate living until there are enough new employment opportunities and new homes to allow blacks to move into Johannesburg with dignity."
Though bitter enemies, with profoundly opposing interests, the ANC and the white state are united in at least this: the infrastructure of the economy must be saved. Ownership, personnel and the style of administration are what is at stake here.
For the ANC to come to power in South Africa then, at some point in time & preferably somewhere, the revolution must stop.

- here.

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Oct 3 2011 11:50

From his statement on his blog...

Peace, love, respect, anarchy, liberation, revolution, Deep Green Resistance

Is he part of this bunch?

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Oct 3 2011 13:27

Sorry Sam I wasn't suggesting that I ever thought the ANC were at some point 'authentic', I was referring to how they are seen in the eyes of the people (or at least the stuff I have read). The switch from state - capitalism to neo-liberalism is still 'selling out' in the minds of state capitalists (socialists, nationalists, etc, etc). Especially in a country like SA where from the point of view of the poor state capitalism was better than both apartheid and neo-liberalism. Thats not saying I support this view, but this is the impression I get none the less.

Markov, yes he is a total primmo. Go on his blog. He loves it all, Zerzan, Jensen and all that CIVILIZATION! stuff....

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Dec 11 2013 09:41

Nice info.