South Africa: Stop the repression of casualised/contract workers in Ekurhuleni!

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Sep 30 2018 16:57
South Africa: Stop the repression of casualised/contract workers in Ekurhuleni!

Stop the repression of casualised/contract workers in Ekurhuleni!

Respect the right to protest!

27 September 2018

The International Labour, Research & Information Group (ILRIG) along with the forty-one (41) community, labour and other civil society organisations, gathered in Johannesburg for the 16th Annual Globalisation School, condemn in the strongest possible terms the violent repression of the legitimate protest engaged in today by casualised/contract workers at the Ekurhuleni Municipality. The protest was organised by the Simunye Workers Forum (SWF), who are part of the School.

The protestors gathered in front of the Ekurhuleni Municipality today, in the latest instalment of a 4 year struggle by over 3000 waste management and EPWP workers (the majority of whom are women) to achieve permanent work job status and all associated benefits. The workers have journeyed through the CCMA as well as the Bargaining Council and are now waiting for a date at the Labour Court.

At the protest today, the workers were simply requesting that the Mayor come to meet them and respond to their demands. Not only did he refuse but the police then proceeded to violently attack the protestors with tear gas, rubber bullets and buckshot. As a result 44 people were injured and had to be taken to hospital. In addition, 3 women protestors were arrested.

Along with the SWF, all of the 100+ delegates at the ILRIG School demand the immediate release of those arrested and for the police personnel responsible for the completely disproportionate use of violence to break up the legitimate protest, to be held accountable.


For more information contact:
William Gundwane (Simony Workers Forum): 072 898 7476

Source: ILRIG Press Release
International Labour, Research & Information Group (ILRIG)

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WATCH: Metro police fire rubber bullets, teargas at former Ekurhuleni municipal workers
27 September, 09:24 PM

Sumeya Gasa, News24

Protesting former Ekurhuleni municipal workers were met with a barrage of insults, rubber bullets and teargas when they marched to the Germiston Civic Centre on Thursday.

About 300 former Ekurhuleni contractors from various City departments marched from the local bus station to the civic centre. They demanded permanent employment.

After several months of meetings and negotiations between the City and the former contractors, workers marched to the civic centre singing and holding placards that read: "Corruption must fall" and "We want our jobs back".

A rabble of Ekurhuleni metro police met them and opened fire as the mass approached the City precinct, which had been cordoned off. Barbed wire was put up at all entrance points.

The crowd quickly dispersed and several protesters were injured. The crowd regrouped outside the civic centre before Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) officers opened fire again.

Some of the injured protesters received first aid from the City's ambulance workers.

Shortly after midday, members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who were attending a council meeting at the civic centre, addressed the crowd and said they too, as council members, were assaulted by EMPD officers after demanding that the City council address the crowd.

"We were assaulted inside [the municipal building]," said EFF Ekurhuleni secretary, Sipho Watkins. "We were assaulted for standing up for you.