Repression campus de Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

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Jun 28 2008 22:22
Repression campus de Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso

La Confédération nationale du travail-France tient à exprimer tout son soutien à ses camarades de l'Union Générale des Etudiants Burkinabè (UGEB) et de l'Association Nationale des Etudiants Burkinabè (ANEB), victimes d'une repression digne des dictatures les plus féroces le mardi 17 juin 2008. Nous dénonçons l'atteinte aux libertés d'expression, d'organisation et de manifestation et la violation des droits syndicaux par le gouvernement Compaore.
Aux côtés de nos camarades syndicalistes étudiants burkinabés, nous exigeons :
· la libération sans condition des étudiants arrêtés ;
· le départ sans condition des forces de l'ordre du campus ;
· un traitement diligent et sérieux des platefromes revendicatives des étudiants.
Nous soutenons leur marche demain jeudi 26 juin en direction de la présidence de l'UO, dans le but d'amener les autorités à se pencher sérieusement sur leurs justes et légitimes revendications.

Fait à Paris, le 25 juin 2008
Le secrétariat international de la CNT-F

Confédération nationale du travail
Secrétariat international - groupe Afrique
33, rue des Vignoles, 75020 Paris, France
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Apr 23 2011 16:59

Burkina Faso : grande marche contre la vie chère

Protest marches earlier this month, and reports albeit on that the presidential guard has done a runner after internal power struggles. Could someone briefly translate the video into English? Also anymore info would be welcome, for some reason African struggles don't get much reporting on Libcom.

From revleft users:

"President Blaise Compaore has dissolved the government and appointed a bunch of new officials, including a new army chief. He is also reported to have given in to the demands of the soldiers, probably meaning that the soldiers will get paid their unpaid housing subsidies."

"From a bit of surfing the French-speaking webs:

The troubles in Burkina have turned into a three-way game, with various factions in the army demanding better pay (or simply looting to get it), and various citizens' groups taking advantage of the chaos to go after Pres. Blaise Compaoré. For instance, merchants from the Central Market in Ouagadougou have attacked and burned the headquarters of the ruling party in retaliation for the soldiers' looting.

As an interesting footnote, Compaoré is a long-time close ally of Ouattara, the new IMF flunkie (or in local parlance, their "oui missié."); you can tell because, like Ouattara, Compaoré was recently elected with 87% of the vote. Of course, since Compaoré has had a hand in the troubles in Ivory Coast and Liberia, it's probably a matter of time before the trouble spreads across borders, though in what direction is hard to tell."

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Apr 23 2011 18:32
Richard wrote:
Also anymore info would be welcome, for some reason African struggles don't get much reporting on Libcom.

The CNT-F have another report from Burkina Faso here (in French). There are more links to reports from Burkina Faso on the 'Tunisia effect: where next?' thread (posts #317, #265, #264).

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jef costello
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Apr 23 2011 21:39

Hi Richard, libcom hasn't had an african 'correspondent' for quite a while smile
Although someone did loads on Tunisia and the rest (I think that was Mark but I can't remember)
I will have a look around tomorrow after work and see what I can find out.
With something like this you can start a new thread as it is a new topic.

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Apr 23 2011 23:40

I was being a bit hasty, as Mark. pointed out there has been some recent posts on Burkina Faso (perhaps I spelt it incorrectly when I searched). Obviously when I said there wasn't much about Africa on Libcom I wasn't including the recent uprisings! Thanks for the links Mark. That would be great jef.