Aparthied and anarchist resistance

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Jul 29 2009 04:19
Aparthied and anarchist resistance

Hi to all. I was wondering if anybody could suggest to me some books on anarchist resistance to the south african aparthied government. I think we all know about communist resistance, but I haven't heard much about the role anarchists play. Thanks.

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Jul 29 2009 10:50

some stuff here: http://www.zabalaza.net/sa_history.htm & http://www.zabalaza.net/archive.htm there was no organized anarchism in South Africa between ~ 1930 and the early 1990ies

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Nov 24 2009 19:38

Try this:

It's certainly not explicitly anarchist but shows that resistance was far from predominantly Communist Party influenced (I presume that's what you meant by 'communist') in the 70s to 80s. Actually, I'm pretty sure there was at least one anarchist organisation in S.Africa in the 80s, but you'd have to ask the zabalaza lot in South Africa. Why the interest in purely 'anarchist' influence?