Anarchists / Libertarians in Tunisia

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Oct 9 2014 09:43
Anarchists / Libertarians in Tunisia

Hi everyone,

I am new to Libcom. I am looking for contacts to libertarian people in Tunis as I will e travelling there soon. Any ideas? Tried to contact the Harakat 3syan (Disobedience movement) but failed so far.

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Oct 26 2014 18:35

I don't suppose it would be very safe for anyone to hand over contacts but I can tell you that the French-speaking federation have the most information and meaningful contact. Disobey essentially folded for various reasons but there are some remnants, including Feminist Attack. This site has some info:

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Oct 26 2014 19:15

You could try to get in touch with Tunisian rappers, Armada Bizerta.. though I notice their facebook hasn't been updated in a while..

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Mar 5 2015 16:51

Le Commun libertaire (Tunisie) : , found at

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Mar 6 2015 07:45

I have already posted this in another thread, its an initiative by supporters of IFA.

Tunisia, March 2015

Today, the Mediterranean region continues to be one of the regions in the world beset by popular uprisings and protests. These range from north to south of the Mediterranean, following the global economic and financial crisis, causing an increase in insecurity and poverty and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people.

Even if the circumstances differ from one region to another, the population remains at the mercy of the capitalists and their cliques. Following the global crisis, a series of popular uprisings swept the region. They started in Tunisia and we do not know where it will end. These uprisings and these events, facing the Mediterranean region, gave hope in the ability of people to change their lives.

However, despite the popular revolts, the situation in Tunisia and Egypt deteriorated sharply over the past three years. Indeed, the RDC militias of the old regime (Tunisia) and the military junta (Egypt) took advantage of the post-revolutionary floating to consolidate their power through the cooperation and support of former members of these clans. They now have the upper hand in all the key positions of power and wealth, thus condemning people to more instability and misery.

As for the situation in Syria and Libya, Islamist mercenary groups financed by some Arab Emirate and / or Iran, confiscated the people's struggle against oppression and dictatorship for their own account. The Syrian people, in particular, find themselves in the fight against the barbarism of Bashar al-Assad and against fighters for the Islamic Caliphate.

Although the ruling classes of these countries intimidate and suppress blood demonstrations and uprisings, population, and anarchists, continued to resist and fight for their emancipation, to self-organize and build solidarity and mutual aid.

It is in this spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance that we call all anarchists, anarchist and anti-authoritarian to join us in creating a network for the exchange and sharing of information, projects and solidarity between anarchists of the Mediterranean.

For this, the Tunisian libertarian group "The Libertarian Commons", the Anarchist Federation and the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA) invite you to the Mediterranean anarchist meetings to be held in Tunisia from 27 to 29 March 2015. This invitation is open to all and all our comrades, including those who do not belong to this region.
The meeting will focus on the situation faced by the peoples of the Mediterranean, during economic crises, and the popular protests that seek to overthrow regimes that exploited and exploiting even people.

The Libertarian Commons, the French Anarchist Federation and the International of Anarchist Federations (IAF-IFA)

French Fédération anarchiste (FR AF) :
The Libertarian Commons (Tunisia) :
International of Anarchists federations (IFA) :

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Mar 6 2018 21:29

Bump, are there any recent updates on this?? I think that there really needs to be a plan to compete with the salafis who are rapidly becoming the mafia in this country

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Mar 6 2018 21:43

Not exactly a contact but there was obvious anarchist involvement in the January protests:

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Mar 7 2018 21:10

Le peuple veut la chute du système. An V de la révolution tunisienne. - a one hour documentary focusing on the role of libertarians during those years, in the Mouvement Désobéissanc.

I have a contact who is a member of the group Le Commun Libertaire in Tunisia, but it was maybe a year since I heard from my friend. I should get into contact to check out what has been going on since then.

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Mar 9 2018 12:15

QQ might provide some links - mentioned here: