African anarchist literature, rural organising and indigenous issues.

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Dec 15 2014 20:12
African anarchist literature, rural organising and indigenous issues.

Hey folks,

I've spent much of my life working in Europe, and am now doing anthropological fieldwork for a German university in Namibia (Colonial hangover, much?). Even the short few months so far of the year I am spending here, it is clear that any reading and experience I have of left-libertarian politics in Europe is far from enough.

I was wondering if anyone could point me to some good literature from African anarchist writers, particularly those based anywhere in Southern Africa. I've not read much at all from African anarchists so far. I've heard Zabalaza are doing great stuff down in ZA, too. Maybe they would be a good group to start with. I'm particularly interested in writing that deals with approaching issues such as organising for the rural working class and unemployed, as well as organising with heavily marginalised indigenous people such as the San/Bushmen (nomenclature depends on the groups' preferences, obviously).

Namibia is a thinly populated and highly rural country, and while apartheid was lifted some time ago, distribution of wealth does still occur to some extent along racial lines, so racial politics will come into it. I feel very out of my depth when it comes to politics here, which is good in a way, but I would love to know more.

I'd appreciate any pointers, though sadly my reading comprehension for complicated stuff is limited at the moment to English. Cheers in advance.