Welcome to the "Class Struggle"

Letter from M. Kattz to introduce the Class Struggle newspaper.

Dear comrade workers! The newspaper you published carries on—500 copies are already sold and I can write you that it deeply delighted me when I read through the first issue of "Class Struggle", and I think that if there is any IWW newspaper in Yiddish before this one which included revolutionary and educational articles, then it is the first issue of "Class Struggle". Also, I hope that the next issue should not be worse, because it can't get any better.

I wish you the best success to rapidly publish a weekly—and later a daily—newspaper, because we need a daily workers' newspaper like the "Class Struggle".

With the best wishes of success, I remain yours for the one big union, which will finally obtain industrial freedom.

M. Kattz. Chicago.

Translated from the original Yiddish by Misha Holleb