International Council Correspondence Volume 4, Number 3

Living Marxism/International Council Correspondence, Vol. 4, no. 3, May 1938


•German Fascism on the Offensive/ S.P.
•The Lorelei
•Economics and Politics in Revolutionary Spain / l.h. [=Karl Korsch]
•The Dominican Republic Solves its Unemployment Problem/ Fritz Hennsler
•What can the Unemployed Do? (to be continued)
◦Bootlegging of Coal in Pennsylvania
◦Beyond the Confines of Private Property
◦The Struggle against Bootlegging
◦The meaning of it all
◦What Bootlegging means for the Workers
◦Nationalization of Coal
•Book Reviews
America’s Stake in International Investments, The Brooking Institution
Caste and Class in a Southern Town, by John Dollard
America on Relief, by Marie Dresden Lane and Francis Steegmuller. Trends in Relief Expenditures, Works Progress Administration
This Question of Relief, Public Affairs Pamphlets

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