Politics (April 1945)

Cover (p. 97)
Wilson, R. Arthur. "Why am i fighting?" (pp. 97-99)
"Why?" - Underside view (pp. 100-102)
Comment (pp. 102-105)
Marquart, Frank. letter Detroit: the strike Briggs (pp. 105-106)
Serge, Victor. The danger was within (II). Kronstadt (pp. 107-111)
Tucci, Niccolo. notes for a political dictionary (p. 112)
Macdonald, Dwight. Popular Culture. Field notes (pp. 112-116)
Calhoun, Francy. Popular Culture. Ours to reason why (p. 116)
Rainer, Dachine. Books. The private life of a master race (p. 117)
L., W.. Books. Herrn Thomas Manns neuste Wandlung (pp. 117-118)
G., E.. Books. Conscience and the State. Legal and administrative problems of conscientious objectors, 1943-1944 (p. 118)
G., E.. Books. Racial State. The German Nationalities Policy in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (p. 118)
Gerth, HH. "Max Weber's politics" - a rejoinder (pp. 119-120)
Greece (3) (pp. 120-123)
Horn, Samson. For a "Third Camp" position on Greece (pages 123-125)
Eastman, Max The intelligence office. Rebuttal (pp. 125-126)
Vogel, Virgil J.. The intelligence office. Suall oce blackberries - and finally (p. 126)
Woodcock, George. The intelligence office. Persecution on British anarchists (pp. 127-128)
Contributors (p. 128)

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