Impossibilism - Jon White's reading guide

A guide to further reading around the subject of impossibilism.

Economics for Beginners, 1935, John Keracher

The Policy of the Socialist League, June 1888, Commonweal
We Don't Want Full Employment, 1998, Ken Knabb
Beyond Capitalism, June 1993, Socialist Standard

The Rise and Fall of the I.L.P., October 2009, Socialist Standard
Syndicalism: Its Origin and Weakness, October 1986, Socialist Standard
The General Strike Fiasco: Its Causes and Effects, June 1926, Socialist Standard
Commodity Struggle or Class Struggle, November 1920, Socialist Standard
Remember Tonypandy, December 1910, Socialist Standard
As to Politics, 1907, Daniel De Leon

Anyone know a Lifestyle Anarchist? July 2011, Socialist Standard
Robert Owen: Paternalist utopian, December 2008, Socialist Standard
Looking Backward, 22 June 1889, Commonweal

Politicians Promise and Things Get Worse, Why? 1997, SLP (US)
The Futility of Reformism, 1984, Samuel Leight
The Futility of Reform, October 1904, Socialist Standard
Reform or Revolution, 1896, Daniel De Leon
Reforms and Reforms, January 5 1896, Daniel De Leon, The People

The Myth of the Transitional Society, 1975, Critique 5
Stepping Stones to Nowhere, June 1996, Socialist Standard
Fabian Essays in Socialism, 25 January 1890

State Capitalism, April 1987, Socialist Standard
State Socialism, Feb 17 1911, Daniel De Leon, The People

Morris and the Problem of Reform or Revolution, February 1984, Socialist Standard
What is Anarchism?, December 1967, Socialist Standard
The Practical and Logical Impossibility of Anarchism, Socialist Studies
Socialism and Politics, July 1885, Commonweal

Is the SPGB Sectarian?, Summer 2001, Socialist Studies 40
How the SPGB is different
What's the Difference between the SLP (and other Socialists)?
The Birth of the Socialist Party, September 1954, Socialist Standard
Requirements for Membership, June 1953, Forum SPGB Discussion journal
Is there Room for Differences of Opinion in a Socialist Party?, March 1960, Forum SPGB Discussion journal.
The Socialist Party of Great Britain, September 1904, Socialist Standard
Where Are We Now?, 15 November 1890, Commonweal

Minimum program
Chapter 4, Impossibilism, Steve Coleman, Non-Market Socialism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries ed. Max Rubel and John Crump (1987)