Argentina - further reading guide

libcom's guide to further reading on Argentine history and class struggle.

*Argentina: The Malvinas and The End of Military Rule - Dabat/Lorenzano
Nunca Mas: A Report by Argentinas National Committee on Disappeared People
*The Communist Movement - F. Claudin
The Battle for the Falklands - Hastings/Jenkins
Argentina, 1943-76 - D.C. Hodges
Revolutionizing Motherhood - Bouvard
Anarchism and violence: Severino di Giovanni in Argentina, 1923-1931 Osvaldo Bayer
Argentina: From Anarchism to Peronism - R. Munck
Reversal of Development in Argentina - Waisman
The Socialist Party of Argentina, 1890-1930 - Walter
Argentina: From Anarchism to Peronism - Munck