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You have put together a terrific site
Loren Goldner

In a short space of time, has proved itself indispensable - a great site
Steve Wright - Australia

On the Greece unrest archive:
Http:// have been following the occurences closely and have been doing a sterling job at sourcing and providing a flood of vital information on the disturbances.

Libcom is divided into a discussion board and a article archive.
The history section is a treasure trove of obscurity, as past articles... have been refound and then digitised.
This site is purely concerned with politics, and only that of the left, but it sets a standard that other historians should follow... past articles should be freed for all to read.
On this site you'll find an item on origins of the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger; a history of revolutionary song in France and the Merthyr Tydfil uprising in 1831 amongst hundreds of other items.

Abahlali often use libcom as a resource in their university of abahlali self education meetings.
Abahlali baseMjondolo

Thank you for your excellent work and for helping us promote awareness about art, scholarship and activism that dismantles racism and expands social justice throughout the African diaspora.
Claudie Mabry, Progressive Pupil

On our people's history of Mexico:
It's great! I knew most of it since I studied Mexican History in college, but it's well written and gives a good intro to Mexican politics and valuable background knowledge.
Clayton -


I’m a postal worker (as well as commie) from Gothenburg, Sweden. Me and
my friends have with excitement followed the wildcat strikes at Royal

We have been reporting, with
libcom as primary source, on the wildcat strikes at Royal Mail.

A member of Postverk - Sweden

Cracking good site!
Stuart Christie - TV Hastings, UK

Libcom has improved immeasurably over the last year, to the point where I check its newswire for many of the stories I'll be writing tomorrow. Probably the best libertarian site in the english-speaking world at the moment, among the best leftist sites period.
Rob Ray, Journalist - Freedom Press, UK

On our article on the Spanish resistance in France in World War II:
As a Basque resident on the French-Spanish border and a WWII historian, I would like to commend you on this article.
Max - Spain

This is the most useful site for libertarians in Britain
A - UK

Our sister site in Britain - US

...Thought I'd drop you a very brief line to express how much I like your site, particularly after the revamp! It's an inspiration to the admin teams of uglier and less useful sites all around the world, I'm sure...
Cheers, and keep up the excellent work

Christian - UK

We love Libcom... Your library section is excellent
Pauline - Openmute/Mute magazine/Metamute, UK

Just wanted to say how much I like the site redesign. We've been reposting some of your excellent material
Alex - UK

Excellent site, wow very impressive. I had a link to your original site on my blog. Now this is really useful.
Eugene Plawiuk - Le Revue Gauche Left Analysis and Comment, Canada

This is one of the best anarchist resources I've found on the net.
Colin - US

The site looks great
Chris - Baltimore, US

On our article on the Battle of Lewisham:
Well done. The only other thing I'd read about this was on Indymedia, and it was shite.
Nigel - London, UK

Hi - good site!
Michael - UK

On our history of the Rwanda war and genocide:
I wanted to thank you for your interesting and highly accurate historical account of the genocide in Rwanda
L - France

Your website in certainly very interesting and informative. I am glad to see that there are people who are well-informed of most things.
L - by email

I'm a very big fan - in most respects it's the best lefty site I know. I think it should be pushed more by everyone using it.
Nick Durie - Scotland, UK

So I just visited [now] and it's bad ass! When I first learned about it, I was told it was "Britain's version of" I don't think that really does it justice. In fact, the more I look at that site, the less impressed I am with infoshop and think it should be taking notes from enrager.

The reason I say this is that Enrager seems to be designed to really generate anarchist activity. It has news like infoshop, but it also has easily accessible links to information on how to do things. Infoshop seems to just be a bunch of pages on news and information, which is important but so is doing something about it. Ya know, the whole "education, without action, does nothing" deal.

... With enrager, the tools are right there for everyone to see under "organise."... Also, this section should be visible and easily navigable's "organise" section is what comes to mind as a good example of this.
Johnny Applecore - Colorado, US on the infoshop forums is a UK wide anti-authoritarian site, the largest Anarchist based website in the UK. The forums are awesome. - UK

This is one of the best anarchist pages on the internet.

Class War welcomes the introduction of [now re-named]. This website aims to fill a real void in the UK anarchist movement. Serving as a moderated newswire and also providing discussion forums, we encourage all our members and supporters to get involved, contribute and have your say.
London Class War - UK

I'd just like to express my sincerest respect to the libcom collective for a brilliantly vibrant website. Both the library and the news on here have been pure cool, and updated so regularly. Like, I'd never heard of eh, (*copy and pastes*) Paresh Chattopadhyay until I saw it in the highlights. Seriously, thanks you guys.

I will definetely tell all my libertarian friends.
Volin, Manchester, UK

I ... celebrate the existence of LibCom, it is wonderful and nice. Thanks to you all.
Chris, UK

I like it here a lot.
I've learnt quite a bit from the forums and the news and history sections.

Jef, London, UK

The library is the dogs bollocks IMO, and the other resources are great as well - thanks to anyone involved.

I have been plugging some texts in the library to others as much as possible.
The love/hate relationship with the forums continues though ;)

JD - Manchester, UK

Excellent site and has improved alot!
Bobby, Northern Ireland, UK

Buffs Libcoms shiny bottom and worship the ground that Libcom walks on.
Big Bro - UK

On the Everyday Manifesto articles:
They look pretty ace.
Read them again and I take back my judgement of ace. They are really fucking ace. Very impressed.
Luke - Cambridge, UK

The library's wicked. I still think the name's a bit naff, though.
Garner - UK

The forums have improved immensely by driving away certain elements that were both pointless and fruitless.

The name is a distinct improvement.

Longterm posters have figured out (or at least are in the process of doing so) how to interract with each other and even gained a certain element of tact (with the exception of one or two who frankly just seem to want constant attention).

I now feel far more politically motivated than I did 6 months ago.
Alan - UK

The numbers using libcom must be very, very significant. Especially since, with the news feature, libcom is being used more and more, and frankly since the launch of that part of the website it is THE way to find out what's going on in the world. It'll grow monumentally just for that - especially coz it's got a feed from all the other sites - ZNet et al - that are trying to do roughly approximate things in that 'class struggle news' bitty. is trying to do a similar (but different) thing in Glasgow. That gets 50,000 hits a month (server stats ASFAIAK). By virtue of being for the whole of the British isles and being much, much, much, much better than anything else about any lefty (of which there are 100s of thousands in Britain) with an ounce of computer literacy is going to be bookmarking it shortly. With internet usage on the increase and the google referals for libcom soaring and the fact that the collective running libcom seems very highly aware of how people access information online, libcom is certain to be a very powerful propaganda tool if it isn't already. You certainly couldn't say that about the socialist worker, the morning star, indymedia or even something as cool as Znet.

Only criticism I think could be levelled is that it is a bit 'REVOLUTIONARY SOCIALISM! YAAAARGH!' but initiatives like the 'everyday manifesto' seem to suggest moves towards more of a 'punter's pop-in' approach.]
Nick - Glasgow, UK

Excellent work with Libcom... keep up the good work,
J - UK

GREAT SITE!!!!!!!!!
Steve - UK

The bad

Not everyone appreciates what we're doing. If you don't like us, you too can let us know and if we think you're interesting or funny enough we'll put your comments here.

Hi US anarchos,

Some valid points about sectarianism from, but listen-

Forget about, they don't represent fuck all in the UK. They are an isolated clique who hate most of what is happening in the uk anarchist movement. The Libcom bulletin board is populated with outdated social-democratic forms of ideology. is totally irrelevant in the UK, nobody really knows anything about it other than the people on the boards are intolerant, arrogant idiots.

In a few years most of them will drop the 'libertarian' and just stick with the 'communist' definition. Broadly speaking, most of the forum participants hate the insurrectionist currents, they hate any form of critique of technology or industry. They do not support the ELF or ALF. They are navel-gazing twats who slag off the US scene endlessly, and love taking the piss out of anyone who doesn't conform to their definition of what it means to be an anarchist/libertarian communist.

Fuck libcom

UK anarchist (posted on indymedia)


Addid - BNP, Pershore High School, Worcestershire, UK

An appalling resource... a port of call for lazy radicals...
anarchist hairdressers... Stealing pens from the office and calling it class struggle. And who are they useful to? Students, office boys & the idle curious?

"Montevideo" - Wombles, UK

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"Niggerhater" - US

Self-referential activist bollox... anarchist middle management... [you] and the rest of your cliche [sic] are putting yourself [sic] up for a big fall...
"Raw" - Wombles, UK

Felt like Libcom is run by a bunch of pussies and pissant mooks? Here's your fucking proof.

The words of the moderators Joseph K and John. have finally fucking succeeded in pissing me off to an extensive fucking degree. I'd make it clear to all those who think Jonny Toy Boy and Jospeh KKK are sane, rational and well read people to consider what their motives are behind their creep-up-behind-you-and-stab-you-in-the-throat "politics" exactly are.

Libcom seems to be run by a bunch of whiny immature liberals, extremely immature. ones who would rather point fingers and make shit up, then find out the truth of the matter, "John" is an example.

Fuck them. They want to fuck things for us, then be assured we won't take it laying down with our legs spread like the whores who spawned these two fucking stronzes.

If that John moderator is unwilling to apologise for the verbal attack on the League and it's members, I challenge him to a fight, wherever he likes on equal terms. If by chance John knows how to use a Katana (y'know a big fucking sword), then i'd love to have a duel.
It's all about honour here, without your balls to back it up, what good is your word?

Barkan, Communist League

Die red scum!
By email - UK

Enrager/ is fucking irrelevant & 'Freedom' is totally fucking shit
From an email address beginning "smoke crack" - UK

With activists and activist forums this place has a bad rep for cointel-trolls. This forum is reckoned to be dead dodgy.
"Messy," UK

[...] It is the appearance of anarchists like yourself, communists
like your brother Mengistu Haile Mariam and your uncle Meles Zenawi, the
terrorist viceroy of Tony Blair that brought corruption, tribalism,
extra-judiciary killings and associations of citizens. Get out of your
cave and go visit Kaliti prison in Addis. Or eat your Crowe; Sir! Shame
on you for posting such a dishonest, deceptive and fabricated article, the
sole purpose of which, I believe is character assassination.

From "Haile Selassie", with the e-mail address

, address not supplied.