The Wire, by David Simon and Ed Burns, BBC 2

Tom Jennings endorses the accolades accorded to ground-breaking American TV drama The Wire – but with reservations.

The Red Riding trilogy, based on novels by David Peace, Channel 4

Tom Jennings detects much of the hellish intensity of David Peace’s ‘Yorkshire noir’ in Red Riding[’s television adaptations, but with its most subversive elements lost

Acpo chief, you're one low-expectation-having motherf*cker.

A quote piece by the Times from Sir Ken Jones, head of the Association of Chief Police Officers reminded me of Chris Rock's most famous, and funny skit.

Ben Goldacre 'Steal This Chapter'

Steal This Chapter

Joseph K's 'favourite liberal', NHS doctor and science writer Ben Goldacre has written about bullshit medical research, bogus science reporting, the placebo effect, and everything else from postmodernism to evolutionary psychology.

Not-so-fat cats: How the rich got thin

I came across an interesting Daily Mail article today (yes it does happen occasionally), which says that fat women are unfairly excluded from top jobs. Now the idea that sexism exists in the workplace, particularly at higher levels, is a bit of a no-brainer, but it got me thinking... joins International Communist Current [April fools]

Today, as the international bourgeoisie comes together at the G20 conference, we can inform our readers with happiness of a great coming together of the international proletariat, because as a result of deep discussions held with patience over the past two years the libcom group have been integrated into the International Communist Current and formed the online editorial section of the ICC internationally.

Anarchist literature and distribution

Distribution of anarchist literature has been a major difficulty for decades, and recent improvements to a range of products has repeatedly been held back by this fact. what can we do about it?

The Dream of Fluxus, by George Macuinas

The Baltic’s recent Fluxus show can’t entirely conceal the radical ambition and potential of avant-garde art, finds Tom Jennings.

Amber Films and UK social-realist cinema

Tom Jennings questions the documentary claims of film fictions of lower-class life.

My legend avatar Boris and UK creationism

Boris the Creation Dinosaur

My legend avatar, Boris the Creation Dinosaur, was in G2 yesterday in The Guardian. Even his cousin, Denver the Last Dinosaur, didn't get in G2.

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Neo-liberals don't die, they just amortise

There has been a lot of talk on the left, and even in the mainstream media, about how neo-liberalism is dead or dying as the recession burns a hole through their theorists' tissue of lies. Not a bit of it. If anything, privatisation and the robbing of the working class is accelerating.

Beyond good and evil: the Gaza massacre

Leftists often erroneously compare Zionism with Nazism

The left's response to Israeli atrocities in Gaza provides a case study in ressentiment. If we want to stop such slaughters rather than participate in the spectacle of them, we need to stop fetishising distant victims and start trying to exercise power over our own lives so that meaningful solidarity becomes possible.

Anti-vaccination crap undermines attempts to eradicate measles

A paper in medical journal The Lancet last week shows that poor vaccination uptake in some European countries has lead to measles outbreaks across Europe, with just five countries in Europe accounting for 85% of cases. The growing 'exportation' of measles from Europe to regions thought to be clear of measles has undermined immunity elsewhere and setback the worldwide eradication program.

Reproduction; social and sexual

This blog is partially the product of ongoing discussions within the Solidarity Federation over the relationship of 'Anarchy, Sex and Freedom,' but also the reliance among the wider left on dated theories from the 1960s whenever the question of sexuality is raised. The following is a speculative attempt to fill in some of the gaps.

Revisiting the Scopes 'Monkey Trial' - radio feature

Scopes Trial, Dayton, 1925

In 1925, teacher John T. Scopes was tried in Dayton, Tennessee, for teaching evolution in a science classroom. Stephen Jay Gould pointed out a number of misconceptions relating to the trial, and radio feature this week revisited the small town that became known for one of the most famous trials in US history.

A sideways look at Pixar's films

A column from the Christmas 2008 issue of Freedom that looks at the subversion to be found in places as unexpected as Pixar's films.

Old public guidance clips

A host of old public servic announcements detailing everything from the Do & Don'ts of Dating, Going Steady, and how to avoid being a drop-out.
EduKaTe yur Branes!1!!1!!

Anti-semitism and the left - redux

This has been a hot topic on the forums of late, prompted in part by the spate of discussions in relation to Israel's assault on the Gaza strip. Here I'll try to pull together some of the arguments and provide a bit of background to try and understand the phenomenon.

Islam and Science

BBC Four's 3-part series 'Islam & Science' starts tonight, and presenter, physicist Jim Al-Khalili, begins by discussing 'the language of science'.