New Issue of Divergences

1930 Jewish anarchist memoirs are now online

Wooden Shoe Books and the Dead Anarchists website are proud to announce the online release of Chaim Leib Weinberg’s Forty Years in the Struggle: The Memoirs of a Jewish Anarchist, which are translated by Naomi Cohen and edited by Robert P. Helms. We present this book for the first time in English, and in the only form that is now available to a general readership.

Mal kicks off

Film of anti-sarkozy rioting in Grenoble

Demonstration against Sarkozy and his reforms.

'Childlove' and no-platform

Comité d'entreprise

Pour les jeunes de la LCR


Libcom forum stats for March

libcom on Virb - in Assocation with [April Fools]

Police asked to 'take it easy' before elections.

Demonstration against deportations.

French youth in move to the right.

Libcom forum stats for Feb

Pakistan: repression at a demonstration in Kashmir.

a long time

French presidential elections