Hands off my health records

David Cameron has announced plans to allow private companies to view our health records, and has vowed to reduce 'red tape' that governs research in the NHS. He is of course, wrong to do so.

Is it time for a security upgrade?

As the EDL/Infidels declare their intentions to target left-wing groups and their meetings. Is it time for a security upgrade?

Jacob Rees-Mogg MP wants to sack strikers

That chinless fucking 'hooray' Jacob Rees-Mogg has called on the Prime Minister to sack public sector strikers.

Imagine getting hurt at work, when you should be on strike.

Taking joy in a worker being hurt at work is warped shit, that's not what this is about - you do have to question why they were there in the first place.

Top Boy, by Ronan Bennett, Channel 4

Yet another teenage gang tall story glimpses beyond the moral panics and tired miserabilism of most poverty porn.

Jeremy Clarkson is a C**t

My thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson. Contains language that some may find slightly rude.

Liverpool N30

A brief reflection on today's march and rally in Liverpool

Birmingham Nov 30 Strike demo

Brum strike

Brief personal report on the Birmingham November 30th Strike demo today.

Nov 30: How goes the day?

While bussing to my second picket of the day I thought I'd start a thread for personal reports and updates...

The real pensions crisis

piggy bank

We are told today that we face a crisis. People are living longer, there is a demographic timebomb and, coupled with need to bring down deficit, we have no choice but to accept reductions in our pensions, the need to work longer, contribute more and get back less in the end.

It was worse than we first thought, but never mind

George Osborne has only just realised how bad the deficit actually was. To be fair he has only been in government for two years, so never mind. He has announced an extra two years of austerity measures, and has goaded trade unionists for one last time before tomorrows strike.

Do Not Silence Rebellion

On the criminalisation of Celtic fans for singing Republican songs:

When nurses fought back

As nurses prepare to ballot for industrial action, and start to gain confidence, here is a look at when nurses in Britain were militant. They went on strike, organised wildcat strikes, sit-ins, occupations, and worked to rule, and they won!

Has Health & Safety gone mad?

The government appears to be hell bent on making huge changes in health and safety in the workplace. Is it justified?

SDL? It Should Say HATE On The Tin

Trade Union Bureaucracy & Class Treachery

Following on from the article about 'partnership working'. Here is a brief look at the trade unions, issues around competing class forces, and their lack of spine, and inability to side with the workers.

Partnership working is a con

A brief look at my own experience of trade unions working in 'partnership' with employers.

Ruling class could do with maths lessons

The ConDem court jester and all round buffoon Danny Alexander, and tax thief Philip Green, have today made glaring errors in their multi-million pound calculations. They are not particularly related other than their shared contempt for working people.

Occupy everything! Students across the UK go into occupation for national day of action...

NCAFC called a national day of action for November 23rd, a week ahead of the massive public sector strike on November 30th. Several universities have now gone into occupation...

Service users in support of #N30

Solidarity protest outside primary school

There's been a lot of talk lately about how unfair the public sector strikes are on service users. This assumes that service users don't support the strikes, and forgets to mention that workers are striking not just for their pensions, but for the future of public services too.