Workers' struggles in Asia (January 2011)

Cambodian workers protesting

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (focusing on East Asia) during January 2011 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Anarchists and the Right Royal Plot

Drat and double drat, us anarchists’ dastardly plan has been fooled by the Sun’s hardcore investigative unit!

Another Year, directed by Mike Leigh

A gentle pantomine, where nothing much happens, to arguably profound effect? Must be another Mike Leigh film!

Where comedy meets sharks: The 10 O'Clock Show

I can't tell whether the 10 O'clock Show is going to be any good in the long run, but I can spot a piece of new Labour bullshitting from a mile away - and David Mitchell's interview with Alistair Campbell contained a particular gem.

Anti-cuts fronts: A left wing disease

One of the more entertaining elements of hanging around on the political left is the insistence of the various leftie parties that they are “open and democratic,” usually moments after they’ve been caught out playing silly buggers within a broad church movement.

Top ten tracks of 2010

Libcom's favourite music of 2010.

Made in Dagenham, directed by Nigel Cole

Its producers claimed inspiration from resistance to injustice, but this film’s sentimental spin is fundamentally flawed.

Libcom library archiving to do list

An updated list of documents and websites we would like to archive in our library.

Police shoot demonstrators in Tunisia

A youtube video was posted yesterday which is reported to show the aftermath of the shooting of protestors involved in the widespread demonstrations in Tunisia by police.

Some thoughts on the UK Uncut demonstrations

The UK has seen a wave of high-street demonstrations under the banner of the UK uncut campaign, many of which have been organised locally following call outs distributed through the internet. The protests have seen a number of stores associated with Tax-Dodging picketed, occupied and flyered in cities and towns up and down the country.

This Is England ’86, by Shane Meadows

Two heavily-hyped British media events – this TV series and the film ‘Made in Dagenham’ – link economics and social reproduction with sharply contrasting uses of nostalgia.

Workers' struggles in Asia (December 2010)

Casual workers at a Hyundai factory in South Korea staging a sit-in strike.

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (focusing on East Asia) during December 2010 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2010

Our most popular articles you nerds have been reading this year.

Top ten music videos of 2010

Libcom's pick of the best music videos of 2010.

Christmas libcom donation appeal

… or maybe we'll just get one of these

A Christmas appeal to our users and readers for donation pledges to help keep running and improving!

The Real Broken Society: the Cinema of Bourgeois Misery

Must ordinary people pay for not only the financial fiascos of the rich, but their social failures too?

The world vrs Wikileaks

Assange is a distraction from the real revelation of Wikileaks - that our lords and masters are utterly terrified by the holes they see appearing in the carefully crafted story of Western democracy

Aaron Porter's "apology" fits his agenda

The NUS President’s mea culpa today that he and his careerist cronies have been “spineless” in their approach to students taking direct action is a simple bid to grab back his status as leader and curb activity into more “constructive” (read: ineffective) avenues.

So Flexible it is Bent out of Shape

How far can one go with "diversity of tactics" before diverging with anarchism?

As groups call for entrance into politics or make coalitions with nationalists, this question has shown the urgency for tactical debate based on empirical experience.

Red and Black (and Brown) Hypocrisy

Turning a blind eye to right-wing involvement in syndicalist movements.