Route Irish, directed by Ken Loach

A disappointingly missed opporunity to explore recent developments in the military-industrial complex.

‘Anarchists are like Tories’ and other fairy tales

Political compass: anarchism and conservatism are diametrically opposed

Anarchism has been getting a lot of attention lately, including some oft-peddled but easily refuted myths.

Debunking the Islamisation myth

Fear that Western countries are undergoing a process of 'Islamisation' was the main motivation of Norwegian terrorist and mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik. But it can also be seen in Melanie Phillips' columns in the Daily Mail, in bestselling books, and on the placards of the EDL. It also happens to be nonsensical.

Justice: Different for right and left

A notable thing about the start of this week, other than the Norway shooting, has been the sheer obviousness of double standards in the British justice system which just gone on show.

Alleged Norwegian spree killer has EDL links

The rightwinger allegedly responsible for the Mumbai-style massacre and bombing in Norway appears to have ties with UK-based “counter-jihad movement” the English Defence League.

Nearly 20,000 academic articles up on Piratebay

Almost 20,000 articles previously behind a pay-wall have been posted on Piratebay in protest at academic publishing.

Solidarity and News of the World hacks

Now it’s sunk in a bit, I thought I’d take a crack at analysing the anarchist debate around the News of The World’s demise in a bit more depth.

Bonkers Boris' messy logic

There's an interesting post over on the TUC's Touchstone blog about Boris Johnson's call for strike laws to be made even more restrictive. Boris, who was elected as mayor of London on a turnout of less than 50%, wants strikes to be illegal unless the turnout is greater than 50%.

“What do you do for a living?”

A tale of toil by Frank Edgewick, a guest services agent in an American hotel.

Jeff Monson documentary

Jeff Monson.

Anarchist mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson discusses his life, politics and fight career in a recent documentary.

Waves of Struggle, The Winter Campaign at the Post Office in Edmonton

In the summer of 2011 Canadian government legislation ordered Canadian postal workers back to work after an intense Canada-wide strike. The struggle continues after the end of the official strike, and, as this article shows, the struggle started before the official strike began. The militancy and creativity of the Canadian postal workers offer lessons well beyond their industry.

Workers' struggles in East Asia (June 2011)

Chinese riot police attack migrant workers during protests in Xintang, Guangdong

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around East Asia during June 2011 and related resources. The most important stories appear on my Twitter feed as soon as I find them:

Nurse Jackie, BBC2

A rare example of television fiction doing some outrageous justice to the modern work/life (im)balance

Oops... stats show benefit cock-ups cost more than fraud

New statistics released this month have again demonstrated that errors at the DWP cost nearly twice as much as fraud by claimants.


I've been rooting through the Sun's bins recently and was shocked to find a letter addressed to the staff by the firm's chief, Rupert Murdoch

What happens if the USA defaults on its debts??????????

Given the US debt, and the global crisis unfolding, the question above should be seriously considered. My knowledge of economics is pretty poor, but I refuse to accept that experts are the only ones who have something to say, so....

(btw, this is something carried over from the Greek thread: out of the labyrinth.)

Charting the class struggle

I was looking into the historical data on strike days in Britain for a feature in Catalyst, but there's a lot more to discuss than we could fit in the paper, so I've extended it to a blog post.

Wisconsin: What now?

An update on what's happened in Wisconsin since early April.

Neds, directed by Peter Mullan

This tale of disaffected youth trades in traditional rhetorical flourishes but succeeds in avoiding easy answers.

Locked out workers' anger grows at Canada Post

Following weeks of rolling strike action, Canada Post locked out its 50,000 workers on the night of 14 June. Here follows an exciting personal account of workers fighting back and locking managers in in Edmonton.