Workers' struggles in China (January 2010)

Summaries and links to news reports of workers' struggles around China in the first month of the decade (as of the 16th of January).

Listed by date, most recent first.

Workers striking over unpaid wages in Suzhou, Jiangsu province smashed vehicles and blocked roads.

Protest over a death during a forced land eviction in Pizhou, Jiangsu province.
Farmers blocked a highway in a separate land seizure protest in Henan Province.
Meanwhile police fired on residents resisting forced seizures of their homes in Longyatun town, Guangxi province.

Petitioners sent to "black jails".
Think tank warns of growing gap between rich and poor. article on China.

Villagers in Guangdong province clash with police over a land dispute.
Also in Guangdong, migrant workers in Foshan clashed with police during a protest against changes in the pension fund.
Chinese internet support for protests in Iran.

Article on the situation of migrant workers.

Leading dissident jailed.

Authorities have blamed one of last year's riots on gang activity.

And as I didn't make any posts for December, here are a few reports from that month.

Reports from China Labour Bulletin:

Labour disputes continue to escalate in Beijing
Trade union recommended sacking sexual harassment victim

Reports from China Worker:
China: Strike by 3,000 women workers(November) - another strike at a Triumph factory, this one in China

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