Workers' struggles in Asia (January 2010)

Summary and links to news stories of workers' struggles around Asia (exluding mainland China) in the first month of the decade (as of the 16th of January).

Sorted by country in alphabetical order.


Workers at a shoe factory walk out over sacking of union officials.

Hong Kong

The new year began with a big demonstration against the Beijing controlled administration.
Activists protest against a costly new rail link to the mainland.,thousands-protest-86-billion-dollar-hong-kong-china-railway--summary.html,cross-border-rail-protests-heighten-hong-kong-beijing-tensions.html
Flight attendants working for United Airlines join international protest.
Airplane maintenance trainees protest against being used as cheap labour.
Taxi drivers protest against substandard fuel they blame for recent breakdowns.


Workers at Indosiar television station protest for increased wages.
Online activism in Indonesia.
Textile workers from the Istana Magnoliatama factory in north Jakarta have been occupying their workplace for more than 2 years. China Worker has this interview with a union member.


Workers at Kia are set to hold a partial strike.
Tugboat drivers union withdraws from KCTU.
New labour law.
Unionised teachers were fired for takig part in anti-government protests.
Number of strikes dropped last year, whilst there was the highest number of wage reductions since 1997.


Protest over introduction of electronic tagging of vehicles.
Report on number of strikes falling last year - unions blame it the government's labour laws.
The human rights situation.


Amongst a round-up of news from the Indian subcontinent is a short piece on a Taiwanese trade union protest against a new labour law. There is also a report on another case of Russian sailors going on hunger strike, this time in Vietnam.


State railway refuses to reinstate workers fired after a strike last year.
Report on the political situation in the country.


Report on number of strikes last year.,vietnam-strikes-down-sharply-in-2009.html

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