Workers' struggles around Asia (October 2009)

A round-up of links to reports about workers' struggles in Cambodia, Korea and Thailand.

I apologise for not being as thorough as usual, but my PC was stolen last month, I was without internet for two weeks, and tomorrow I'm going on holiday. Hopefully I can go back to normal in December, here's what I've found over the last couple of week:s

Interesting article on labour rights NGOs trying to use corporate social responsibility programs.


October 13th: Article on forced evictions.

October 22nd: The government has introduced new laws on the size of demonstrations.


October 15th: The FKTU, the more moderate of Korea's union federations, has broken its alliance with the government and is planning a general strike.
Then both federations issued a joint statement the following week:
Interview with KCTU head:
And the government has declared one of the civil servant unions due to merge into one under the KCTU illegal:

October 19th: Several groups held a protest against a recent crack down on migrant workers.

October 25th: Railworker voted to go on strike.

Report on situation in Korea on WSWS (I think they're trots of some kind:


October 30th: strikes in the state railway end.

October 15th: Strike at GM plant ends.

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As always, thanks for these great roundups.