The uprising in Kyrgyzstan

Some articles on current events in Kyrgyzstan.

While I normally concentrate on East Asia, I'm sure I'm not alone in being interested in events in Kyrgyzstan at the moment. I don't have the time or knowledge to write up a proper account, and so far I have been relying on mainstream media accounts of what is happening. So far it appears the "interim government" composed of former members of the old one has ridden the wave of a genuine revolt against rising prices and corruption to gain power, and immediately set about shooting looters.

Below are some accounts in approximate chronological order, mostly from corporate media and a few from the Left. Obviously have their own angle on things - note how "protesters" magically transformed into "marauding gangs of looters" as soon as the opposition took power. Feel free to post other interesting articles or analysis as comments or to the forum thread.

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Apr 9 2010 07:10


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Apr 10 2010 03:19

I think WSWS has the best take on things, interestingly Newscorp seems to have taken a relatively ambivalent if not outright supportive attitude toward the new order in Kyrgyzstan.

Gist of the WSWS article is that China, US, and Russia are all in favor of a return to stability ASAP to preserve the balance of power in Central Asia. For the US, instability could incite further anger toward Karzai's regime, while Russia and China both have similar fears regarding control of their periphery (Caucuses and Xinjiang respectively)

Apr 11 2010 14:31

China Worker have an OK report, apart from the terrible Trot conclusion:

Apr 20 2010 15:53

KRAS did a good one:

There is a Polish translation: