Top ten most read libcom articles of 2010


Mike Harman
Dec 30 2010 17:25

Just a note that "top ten most read" articles usually means "top ten articles that people clicked a link from google", news articles that don't get a full year's run etc. will have a hard time making it into that list.

Caiman del Barrio
Dec 30 2010 18:02

Wow, how touching to have 2 blog posts included.

Interesting that the Fitwatch repost didn't get up there, but then again, I suppose it was reproduced in so many places...

Juan Conatz
Dec 21 2011 12:18

It's that time of year again...

Dec 21 2011 20:01

Yeah, I'm planning to do it when I'm off work in the break between Christmas and New Year