Top ten most read libcom articles of 2009


mikail firtinaci
Jan 5 2010 11:37

do you know the country percentages/number of clicks?

Jan 5 2010 12:17

We do have some data on that: in November for example we had 180,000 visitors.

Turkey had the 11th highest number of visitors, with 1700 per month, so around 1% of the total. The highest number of visitors is from the US, and the UK second.

Boris Badenov
Jan 7 2010 17:01

I like the irony of the "graffiti guide" at no. 4 being ahead of Bookchin's condemnation of lifestylism at no.5.
Also, trotspotting is second place in the blog category? FAIL.

Jan 7 2010 21:12

there's no accounting for taste.