Off work. Again.

I really am piss-poor at taking time off work. Once again, my "annual leave year" is nearly at an end, and I have to take the next two weeks off, or lose my holidays. Of course, I haven't got anything organised, so it'll probably just be a question of mooching about, not doing the stuff I should be doing round the flat, falling out with mrs button as a result & then not really feeling like I've been on holiday. Sigh.

It's my mum's 60th birthday at the beginning of October, (happy birthday, mum) so I'll probably go back up north for a few days. Which is something else I'm shit at -- I haven't been for a couple of years.

So I won't be online for a couple of weeks. Also, we were "migrated" on to a new computer system at work today, which enable my bosses to take far more of an active interest in our *cough* non-workrelated activities. Sigh again.

Once again, the question of me being a union rep has been raised. It really has gone flat on the union front in the past few weeks. As one of the stewards said to me today, "Why should people join, or stay interested, when we haven't won a single thing since we got recognition?" She was also mighty pissed off at the attitude of the full-time official, who appears to view meetings with management as something to do before her next lunch engagement.

A not entirely cheerful blog entry, but there we are.

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the button
Sep 22 2006 15:02


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Mike Harman
Sep 22 2006 16:37

I could tell you a few tricks for avoiding internet monitoring if you like.

Joseph Kay
Sep 22 2006 16:45

that would be a help to us all*

* unless the tip is 'quit your job drop out live free AnaRcHy!11!!!1!

Mike Harman
Sep 22 2006 17:26
jef costello
Oct 2 2006 13:03

Depends on how your work is organised, sometimes they pay it off if you can blame your boss. We did because our boss let it get to 4 weeks before then end of the tear before noticing that 3 of us were owed 3 weeks leave and there couls only be one of us off at a time.