Happy birthday, mum

It's my mum's 60th birthday tomorrow, so I'm off up north for a few days, coming back Friday.

I was born when my parents were 24, which is (I'm guessing) older than average for the time, but quite young for nowadays. Thinking back, it's amazing how young they were, and how together they were despite this. I couldn't imagine my 24 year old self being remotely capable of bringing up a child (certainly not one as well-adjusted as I turned out wink).

Ah well. Back to work on Monday, so look forward to a resumption of my usual inane bollocks.

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the button
Oct 2 2006 11:31


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Jacques Roux
Oct 2 2006 17:00

Are you trying to show off by telling us how old you are?

the button
Oct 2 2006 17:30


Oct 2 2006 17:56

me mum was 44 when i came along (me da was older still). i'll be in my 50s i'm guessing when i reproduce. am i insane?