Lang: Villepin like child who refuses to let go of favourite toy

Roundup of news of the movement against the new CPE employment law in France from Sunday March 26.

-Hundreds of student delegates met in Aix-en-Provence in South-Eastern France to coordinate their actions and plan ahead this weekend.

Spokesman Xavier Pascal said that "without a withdrawal of the law, there can be no question of possible negotiations". In a joint statement, the students bodies said they hope to block train stations and main roads on Thursday. They also called on the government to resign and proposed a general strike take place on April 4th.

"We await the resignation of the government which had the audacity, imprudence and even the arrogance to use the 49-3 [a law which allows government to pass a bill with limited debate] to pass the CPE" one student from Paris told tf1, continuing, "Mr. de Villepin is everying but a man of dialogue as opposed to what he claims. He has a systematic logic of repression of social movements "

-Meanwhile, Bernard Thibault of the CGT union has said that he hopes Tuesday can be a "turning-point" in the conflict, "we have not yet reached the climax of the dispute. Each day of action has seen an ever bigger turn-out. The only solution is withdrawal of the CPE. And we can do it," he told Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper.

-In an interview with Radio-J, leading Socialist Jack Lang compared Villepin to "a child who refuses to let go of his favorite toy."

-SNCF, the state rail authority, have said that 2 in 3 trains are expected to run on Tuesday on main routes, despite strike action.

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Mar 27 2006 00:10


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