Sources for news on Asia

I'm going to be posting links to news from Asia (mainly China and Taiwan) for me or others to write up later. For reference, here is a list of sources I currently use to find news.

Most are corporate news, many controlled by the Chinese state, though some are independent or connected to NGOs. The list is mostly China centred.

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Aug 8 2009 09:06


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Aug 11 2009 22:05 (a broad-left site i'm involved with) mainly re-posts news from other sites, but we may catch something you miss, and you can subscribe to have (almost) daily news updates emailed to you. Also, we're trying to get more people to start blogging, so the new site may have more original reports in the future.

ChinaSmack and ESWN are also good sites for English overviews and translations of Chinese sources - ChinaSmack especially has an eye for social conflicts.

If you can read Chinese, keep an eye on HK Indymedia, Taiwan Indymedia (neither affiliated with the global IMC network), & KuLaoWang (a Taiwan-based labor news site). Those also report some mainland news. Of course such websites can't survive on the mainland, so the mainland equivalent to indymedia is posting threads on huge forum sites like Tianya until they get deleted by the cybercops, then moving them somewhere else. There used to be some Maoist sites with forums for social conflicts, but they're all shut down or blocked now, as far as I know. Some things still get posted & discussed on the broad-left site Utopia, although they were only allowed to go back up after promising not to get involved in sensitive matters a few years ago.

If you can read German, see Welt in Umwälzung for news and Gongchao for analysis (some of which is translated into English on prol-position).

Thanks for setting up this blog and keeping these reports coming. This the first English ultra-left/ anti-authoritarian site I know of with a section on China.

Aug 12 2009 03:22

thanks for those links, i'll keep an eye on those sites. unfortunately my chinese is not great for reading anything other than menus, so i have to rely on existing translations and google translate. this obviously limits the news i can get to what the corporate media deem worthy of translating.

i'm hoping that having a reasonable amount of articles on china will attract people who do speak chinese to post to libcom, or failing that, inspire young impressionable libertarian communists deciding on university courses to choose chinese, rather than spanish as i know alot of us do wink

Aug 12 2009 09:13
Aug 12 2009 10:08

For those who can read Chinese, a friend just introduced me to a mainland China forum for workers' news and mutual aid called Workers' Forum. ("Chuizi" in the url means "hammer" in reference to the sickle & hammer.) I'll try to write an overview of ongoing struggles mentioned there soon. (I'll also try to figure out why it's not blocked or shut down!)

Aug 12 2009 13:26

to the west of your area, but reaching into mongolia and sometimes china

Oct 3 2009 17:14

I wrote an overview of that Workers' Forum and affiliated sites here. Will post something about workers' struggles discussed there in a few days.

Aug 14 2009 13:15

i look forward to reading your post! it's frustrating not being able to read chinese, though it doesn't help that the little chinese i can read is in traditional characters rather than the simplified used over there...

Aug 14 2009 14:22

you can get ad-ons for fire fox that will convert between traditional and simplified, that might help.

Aug 14 2009 15:31

sadly even then my chinese is not that great. i'll keep it in mind once it gets better though.

Oct 3 2009 17:13

Here is something that started out as a report on a workers struggle but ended up as a reflection on the use of murder - or the threat of murder - as a tactic. I'd post it on libcom but not sure where it should go - the news forum?

Aug 16 2009 12:34

It would be very welcome to post it as a news article. Click submit content - news.

Oct 3 2009 17:12 just relaunched. Please visit and leave comments - we want to focus more on interacting with other websites now. We've revamped the website and set it up on Wordpress as something like a group blog, and we've recruited a few new bloggers. The people posting on the site now range from lib-com to Maoist to social democrat, but we're all anti-capitalist and interested in understanding different perspectives on China - including Chinese perspectives. Our political diversity and our emphasis on translating and introducing Chinese anti-capitalist perspectives means there's a lot of stuff on the site that may put off anti-authoritarians - defences of Mao's legacy and so on - but if you dig around a little you'll find some interesting things, and of course feel free to criticize anything you disagree with. At this point we're looking for more stimulation.

Also feel free to repost anything from there, as long as you indicate the source, and we'll do likewise. (You'll notice is on the CSG list of China news sites as well as on the personal lists of me and another blogger there.) And as I mentioned above, having more bloggers, most whom read and speak Chinese, and some of whom will be living in China, hopefully there will be more original news reports there in the coming months.

Oct 3 2009 23:51

yes, i've been browsing that site and i'll be checking it regularly, it seems like a great project. if i have time i'll try to contribute to comments etc. if i have time.