My fave libertarian socialist books (or books close to it)

Why not eh?

In no particular order:
"For Workers' Power" by Maurice Brinton

"Parecon: Life After Capitalism" by Michael Albert

"After Capitalism" by David Schweickart

"Principles of Syndicalism" by Tom Brown

"On the Content of Socialism II" by Cornelius Castoriadis

"Anarchy in Action" by Colin Ward

"Life & Ideas" by Errico Malatesta

"Workers Councils" by Anton Pannekoek

"Post-Scarcity Anarchism" by Murray Bookchin

"An Anarchist FAQ" by Various

"Guild Socialism Restated" and "Self-Government in Industry" by G D H Cole

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sam sanchez
Nov 6 2007 21:27


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