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Jobs on the paper

We’ve had a few drop-outs in the last couple of collective issues, so Freedom is looking for more people…

All change in Angel Alley

I’ve recently been having a lot of fun with old bits of paper at Freedom Press indulging my mild archiving OCD, as preparations are made to move the building's retail arm downstairs by our tame shop-guru amid a serious change-around.

Those poor soldiers

Apparently, if you compare the wages of soldiers with traffic wardens the poor old grunts come off worse, according to the head of the armed forces General Sir Richard Dannatt.

Projectile debating

This post is coming a little later than would be usual, as I just took my first proper (non-anarchist-related) break in what seems like ages after Projectile finished and only just got back from it.

Citizen journalism

CNN are close to launching a new website called iReport dedicated to ‘citizen journalism’ (a media term for non-professionals who report and write the news). The citizen journalist has been a topic of heavy debate across many sections of the media, particularly in the NUJ where it is considered a threat to the standards and reputation of the industry.

Class struggle by email

Why are email campaigns over industrial disputes making an impact?

News comparisons - start of 2008

A while back I did a story count exploring how much the mainstream media actually writes in comparison to anarchist press and online. So, having done a Freedom revamp with more stuff levered in, and as an exercise to see how online is doing in terms of story count, I thought I'd revisit the subject...

Freedom Deadlines

We're going A4

It looks like our first Freedom of the year is going to be one of those issues.

It's Freedom, dummy!

There's nothing definite in this, but in the PDF attached is a dummy of a proposed A4 Freedom newspaper which is going for discussion to the collective, which I'd like people to comment on.

France: not as inefficient as post-Thatcher Britain

As is often the case when large-scale strikes break out, those deeply professional people in the mainstream press have been sitting on the fence as neutral reporters of the news.

Free to do.. what?

True individual freedom is a fantasy in a world of billions.

Flagellum Dei

'Childlove' and no-platform

Squatted Social Centres Part 2 (of three or four)

Social Centres


The future is...

Griffin grumble

Back again... more on recruiting...