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Traveller's tale: Dale Farm

Dale Farm protest in Basildon, 2004

The most depressing thing this week has been the level of bile spewed about people at Dale Farm, now set for an eviction on September 10th. Unlike most, I've actually been there.

Justice: Different for right and left

A notable thing about the start of this week, other than the Norway shooting, has been the sheer obviousness of double standards in the British justice system which just gone on show.

Solidarity and News of the World hacks

Now it’s sunk in a bit, I thought I’d take a crack at analysing the anarchist debate around the News of The World’s demise in a bit more depth.


I've been rooting through the Sun's bins recently and was shocked to find a letter addressed to the staff by the firm's chief, Rupert Murdoch

I take the 254 and Graeme Archer can sod off.

This is a couple of days late, mainly because I've been pretty busy, but I've been somewhat annoyed by an article by Tory activist, political blogger and burgeoning Telegraph columnist Graeme Archer. He makes the erroneous assumption that I as a fellow bus-taker have anything whatsoever in common with his mean-minded slagging of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Outreach for June 30th

I thought it might be an idea to put some of the work the various anarchist groups have been doing in one place so anyone looking for literature to put out can use it. Attached is a quick booklet I've collated of designs and text from SolFed members.

WAG going London-wide

Whitechapel Anarchist group has tended to be easily the largest and loudest local anarchist group in London in recent times and is influential within some of the movement's major assets. As such, their decision to dissolve and push a city-wide organising drive is noteworthy.

Anarchist extremists are hijacking our Big Whinge!

As people start to get their stuff together to go on March for the Alternative this morning, I thought I'd throw in a quick thought about the hounding of those people who ocassionally break things or get into fights with the cops - and a quick competition!

Is it worth protesting against council cuts?

In the wake of a series of anti-cuts rallies outside council buildings recently I thought I'd look at them through a slightly different lens - that of the original gentle rebel, Colin Ward.

Miliband vs Cameron on the Big Society

How the Big Society really looks

Today we have not one but two theses on the Tory "Big Society" concept. In the Guardian, David Cameron defends it while in The Independent, Ed Miliband gets his critique on. So I thought today, humbly, I'd take both of their articles on from a libertarian communist perspective.

Training and the union bureaucrats

When the TUC gets training it makes a bundle - and the bureaucrats it teaches probably aren't doing us many favours.

Anarchists and the Right Royal Plot

Drat and double drat, us anarchists’ dastardly plan has been fooled by the Sun’s hardcore investigative unit!

Where comedy meets sharks: The 10 O'Clock Show

I can't tell whether the 10 O'clock Show is going to be any good in the long run, but I can spot a piece of new Labour bullshitting from a mile away - and David Mitchell's interview with Alistair Campbell contained a particular gem.

Anti-cuts fronts: A left wing disease

One of the more entertaining elements of hanging around on the political left is the insistence of the various leftie parties that they are “open and democratic,” usually moments after they’ve been caught out playing silly buggers within a broad church movement.

The world vrs Wikileaks

Assange is a distraction from the real revelation of Wikileaks - that our lords and masters are utterly terrified by the holes they see appearing in the carefully crafted story of Western democracy

Aaron Porter's "apology" fits his agenda

The NUS President’s mea culpa today that he and his careerist cronies have been “spineless” in their approach to students taking direct action is a simple bid to grab back his status as leader and curb activity into more “constructive” (read: ineffective) avenues.

Telegraph et al: Put up or shut up

The trashing of Tory HQ has thrown up piles of shoddy reportage which should shame the people writing it.

Ethical consumerism. Well?

A few thoughts and a little game to see whether we really can buy our way to a better world...

New Black Flag Blog

While we're fully intending to continue announcing new issues via libcom and the existing radical websites with teaser articles, there's now some material spread all around the web, and we wanted a shop, so...

The real electorate

Now the pretend vote is finished, the actual vote has begun - the markets are speaking.