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Two new anarchist feminist projects in Scotland

Two white and purple unicorns locking horns on a black background

A quick blog in which I’m very optimistic about the Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair, and a new class struggle self-education project in Edinburgh

No water, no peace! States of emergency and water shut-offs in Detroit

After a month-long moratorium, water shut-offs in Detroit have started again this week, leaving indebted households across the city with no access to running water.

Rock bottom or GTFO

On Big Issues and Big Society.

Things women say that you hate hearing all the time

Relax, that's not actually Valerie Solanas

A short response to "things lib-communists say that you hate hearing all the time", on being accused of sexism, and in jokes.

Room to breathe in defence of the NHS

Failed by the NHS, part of BBC3's It's A Mad World season

A documentary on the failures of NHS treatment for young people with mental health problems prompted a vocal defence of the NHS. Can we criticise the shortcomings of NHS mental health care whilst arguing against NHS privatisation?

It makes us sick: notes on affective labour, sanity, and post-Fordism

The division of leisure time is an insult - Abigail Rebakah Barr

A slightly polished version of a short talk for a panel discussion on post-Fordism and mental health with Hannah Black and Mark Fisher, as part of Auto Italia South East's Immaterial Labour Isn't Working 2013 event series.

“The revolution starts in the ATOS smoking area” - on welfare, addiction, and dependency

If anyone knows who to credit this picture to please let us know

A blog about welfare reform from a social care worker's perspective, and the creation of the "welfare addict" as a recession-era scapegoat. Inspired largely by today's Novara show, and the people I work with.

Guilt, choice, and responsibility in the austerity kitchen

Some thoughts on low-income cooking, health, guilt, and the punishment of the poor.

Free CeCe, the girl who lived

CeCe McDonald is a transgender woman of colour, who survived a brutal assault by racist transphobes, which left her seriously injured and one of her attackers dead. She was yesterday (4th June 2012) sentenced to 41 months after being convicted of second degree manslaughter, which she is likely to serve in an all-male prison.

Safer spaces, false allegations, and the NYC Anarchist Bookfair

Safer space policy at The Free Hetherington - but what next?

I've written this blog in response to a previous discussion of the safer spaces policy at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair 2012, and why I'm not convinced we need to be too preoccupied with the possibility of false rape accusations.

TRIGGER WARNING: sexual violence

'Treat' domestic violence with homeopathy!

happy pills

Twitter today pointed out this horrific, unbelievably offensive article, titled 'Homeopathy for Domestic Violence and Abuse'. Hopefully, the title alone will be enough to fill you with materialist outrage, but I'm going to have a little rant about it anyway.

Trigger warning: domestic abuse

Trigger warnings, and why we use them

Last week, I added a 'trigger warning' to this thread. We've not really used these on libcom as a matter of course before, except for adding one to the introduction of Liberté Locke's excellent piece on workplace organising and sexual violence, 'My body, my rules'. But what are trigger warnings, and why do we use them?

Occupy everything! Students across the UK go into occupation for national day of action...

NCAFC called a national day of action for November 23rd, a week ahead of the massive public sector strike on November 30th. Several universities have now gone into occupation...

Service users in support of #N30

Solidarity protest outside primary school

There's been a lot of talk lately about how unfair the public sector strikes are on service users. This assumes that service users don't support the strikes, and forgets to mention that workers are striking not just for their pensions, but for the future of public services too.

Free Omar Ibrahim

Omar was sentenced to 18 months on 4th November, following the anti-cuts TUC march and rally on 26th March. This statement was written before he was sentenced. Please write to him and send him stamps and envelopes!

A radical social worker's appeal to colleagues ahead of #N30

This was written by a radical social work student for her fellow students, to make the case for striking on N30. Workers with vulnerable client groups need to strike now more than ever, not only for their own jobs but for their clients' rights and care in years to come.

Who's out on Nov 30th?

A quick guide to union ballots for strike action on November 30th so far...

Policing politics? Or, what do you do when the president of your student's union is a cop?

Recruitement ad for volunteer police

My friend Joel White wrote this piece, about the president of our student's union, who is also a Special Constable. It appeared in the University's student newspaper and also on Bright Green. Personally, I'd have gone further, criticising the role of both police and elected representatives, and pointed out that Specials are worse than normal cops cos they do it for free, but still an interesting piece especially considering it was aimed initially at an apolitical student body rather than anyone directly involved with any kind of organising.

The animals and children took to the streets

Esme Appleton as Agnes Eives

A review of the play by 1927, who knew the UK riots were going to happen before everyone else did

La Jornada reviews 'Weaponizing Anthropology'

Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State

I'm waiting for my copy of 'Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State' which looks to be a brilliant discussion of the ethics and purpose of anthropology, specifically referring to the growing use of 'embedded anthropologists' by the US military. This review from La Jornada, a widely circulated Mexican newspaper, was translated by Chuck Morse for AK Press