Political hiphop in Brum

Political hiphop in Brum

Pleasantly surprised by some midlands hip-hop

First off, my knowledge of midlands hiphop is non-existent, so I wasn't sure what to expect at the May Day event organised by Brum Trades Council - film showing about Greece (Reel News) followed by local hip hop Red Beard and Broken Dialect.

Red Beard was pretty funny and 'Agency Scum' is a fairly accurate account of how shit agency work is and why you should skive every chance you get.

"allergic to hard work, doctors can't find a reason"

Broken Dialect from Wolverhampton were decent though it looks like they haven't quite figured out their politics yet - vids them rocking Che Guevara shirts, bigging up Salvador Allende, dancing on March 26 demo, and later claiming anarchism. But entertaining enough and obviously still developing politically - and that's not meant patronisingly; I don't listen to music expecting 'perfect' politics. If I did, my ipod would be empty.

Here they are on a Free Palestine tip

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May 6 2012 00:24


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May 6 2012 07:43

Yep it was a good wee gig.

May 6 2012 17:20

Annoyed that I missed this. Been really busy at the moment. Looks good.

Jan 14 2013 14:43

It's Amazing where Hip hop has gone since it's inception. The World is now part of the Hip hop Nation. I would also like to add a link to another Political song I find intriguing.