Forthcoming Attractions – December 2007

A selection of books due to be made available in December 2007 by Turnaround in the UK

Forthcoming Attractions – December 2007 – Political

Some titles announced by Turnaround as being available from December 2007.

Beckstrom, Rod A. and Brafman, Ori “The Starfish and the Spider. The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations” Portfolio. Pbk. 240pp. £8.99

Boyd, Herb “African History for Beginners” For Beginners. Pbk. 127pp £8.99

Burton, Dreena “Eat, Drink and be Vegan. Everyday vegan recipes worth celebrating” Arsenal Pulp Press.

Goodman, Amy and Goodman, David “Static. Government Liars, Media cheerleaders and the People who Fight Back” Hyperion. Pbk. 352pp. £8.99

Hilliard, David (ed) “The Black Panther. Intercommunal News Service 1967 – 1980” Atria Books. Pbk. 192pp. £14.99 (incl bonus DVD)

Mills, Jessica “My Mother Wears Combat Boots. A parenting guide for the rest of us” AK Press. Pbk. 260pp. £10.00

Sharp, Saundra “Black Women for Beginners” For Beginners. Pbk. 189pp £8.99

Shukaitis, Stevphen and Graeber, David and Biddle, Erika (eds) “Constituent Imagination: Militant Investigations, Collective Theorization” AK Press. Pbk. 430pp. £15.00

Tea, Michelle “Transforming Community” (transgender communities) Suspect Thoughts Press. Pbk. 240pp. £10.99

van der Gaag, Nikki and Wells, Troth “The Bittersweet World of Chocolate” New Internationalist Pbk. 176pp. £10.99

Zangana, Haifa “City of Windows. An Iraqi Woman's account of war and resistance” Seven Stories Press. Hbk. 160pp. £12.00

Forthcoming Attraction – December 2007 – Counter Cultural

More goodies distributed by Turnaround

Black, Andy “Necronomicon Five”. Noir Publishing. Pbk. 192pp. £13.95 (transgressive cinema)

Dreamflesh Journal Vol2. Strange Attractor. Pbk. 224pp. £9.99

Griffith, Bill “Zippy: Walk a Mile in my Muu-Muu” Fantagraphics. Pbk. £11.99

Strongman, Phil “Metal Box: stories from john lydon's public image limited” Helter Skelter Publishing. Hbk. 224pp. £14.00 (August 2007)

Talbot, Bryan “The Art of Bryan Talbot” NBM Publishing. Pbk. 96pp. £11.99

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