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New on Christiebooks (Dec 31/12/2007)

Zapata en Chinameca (1987 - Mario Hernandez ­ Feature)

Tenemos raices suficientes (1996 ­ Documentary)

Los maquis de la imposible esperanza (2003 Dominique Gautier - Documentary)

Canal de los Presos (Mariano Agudo y Eduardo Montero - Documentary)

Orwell - a contracorrent (Mark Littlewood - Documentary)

Els Atemptats Contra Franco (1986 Documentary)

Expediente 121: La censura en el cine (Documentary)

Viridiana (1961 - Luis Buñuel ­ Feature)

Viva Maria! (1965 - Louis Malle ­ Feature)

Las ilusiones perdidas - 3 - La resistencia y el maquis (Documentary)

Noticias de una guerra (Eterio Ortega - Elías Querejeta

Revolución y Guerra Civil en España (Contraimagen ­ Documentary)

Els Ultims Morts de Franco (2004 Joan Salvat ­ Documentary)

Autrement (Documentary)

La lucha libertaria contra la dictadura: Defensa Interior 1 (Charla)

La lucha libertaria contra la dictadura: Defensa Interior 2 (Charla)

Situationist International 1956-1972 - 1 (1989 ­ Documentary)

Situationist International 1956-1972 - 2 (1989 ­ Documentary)

Situationist International 1956-1972 - 3 (1989 - Documentary)

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? 1 (1973 - René Viénet)

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? 2 (1973 - René Viénet)

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? 3 (1973 - René Viénet)

Can Dialectics Break Bricks? 4 (1973 - René Viénet)

The Protestant Revolution1 The Politics of Belief (2007)

La Golondrina (from The Wild Bunch ­ Music)

Sapo Cancionero (Joaquin Lera in Tokyo ­ Music)

Agustin Garcia Calvo (Charla)

Lonely are the Brave (1962 - Dalton Trumbo ­ with Spanish subtitles)

Els Nens Perduts del Franquisme (2003)

El bonaerense (2002 - Pablo Trapero)

Las ilusiones perdidas 8: Los recursos guerrilleros (Documentary)

(December 10th update)

New on Christiebooks

Kirk Douglas's Favourite film)

Lonely are the Brave (1962 - Dalton & Donald Trumbo)

Lonely are the Brave is something rare, and almost unique: a leftist
American western. It is based on a novel by Edward Abbey, celebrator of the
desert and promoter of "eco-terrorism" in the never-filmed 1975 novel The
Monkey Wrench Gang. It was written by Dalton Trumbo, a witch-hunted
screenwriter who clearly loved and understood the genre, and directed by
David Miller, whose career seems otherwise undistinguished, with the
exception of Executive Action, another leftist feature written by Yordan.
Executive Action is an interesting, serious picture, but it's stilted in
comparison with Lonely are the Brave.

Other recent titles posted on the ChristieBooks anarchist film website or

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Football, fascism and England's Nazi salute (2006)

Els Nens Perduts del Franquisme (2003

Las ilusiones perdidas: Los recursos guerrilleros

El Bonaerense (2002 - Pablo Trapero)

Le Vampire (1945 - Jean Painlevé)

Acera ou Le bal des sorcières' (1972 - Jean Painlevé)

Kill Franco! (Christie & Magoogan)

Marinaleda. El sueño de la tierra (Indocumenta)

Los 210 de SAS (2007)

Ora sí ¡tenemos que ganar! (1978 - Raúl Kamffer)

Obreras sin patron (2003 Kino - Nuestra lucha)

Nestor Makhno (2000 - Helene Chatelaine)

La Mano Invisible (2004 - Isadora Guardia)

OKUPA! (Octavi Royo y Ignhasi P. Ferré)

Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola 1 (2007 - C4 Dispatches)

Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola 2 (2007 C4 Dispatches)

Mark Thomas on Coca-Cola 3 (2007 C4 Dispatches)

Caballos salvajes (1995 - Marcelo Pinyero)

(Nov 20th 2007 update)

Recent titles posted on the ChristieBooks anarchist film website or

7 días de enero (1979 - Juan Antonio Bardem),

Genova Libera (Daniel Hernandez Torrado)

Mujeres del 36 (1999 - Ana Martínez)

La estrategia del caracol (1993 - Sergio Cabrera)

La Ciudad Quemada (1976 ­ Feature)

Las Ilusiones perdidas - La Actividad Guerrillera (E Monesma)

Les Misérables Part 1 (1995 - Claude Lelouch)

Les Misérables Part 2 (1995 - Claude Lelouch)

Los Anarquistas (1983 - Muñoz, Pedroche, Eduardo de Guzman)

O Thiasos ­ Part 1: The Travelling Players (1975 - Theo Angelopoulos)

O Thiasos ­ Part 2: The Travelling Players (1975 - Theo Angelopoulos)

O Thiasos ­ Part 3: The Travelling Players (1975 - Theo Angelopoulos)

Presas de Franco - Del olvido a la memoria (M Vidal A Sangües)

Punishment Park - Introduction (1971 - Peter Watkins)

Punishment Park (1971 - Peter Watkins)

The Forgotten Faces (1961 - Peter Watkins)

The Gladiators (Peter Watkins - 1968)

(8th October 2007 update)

Z (1969 ­ Costa-Gavras - Feature),

Z is a 1969 French language political thriller directed by Costa Gavras,
with a screenplay by Gavras and Jorge Semprún, based on the novel of the
same name by Vassilis Vassilikos. The film presents a thinly fictionalized
account of the events surrounding the assassination of democratic Greek
politician Gregoris Lambrakis in 1963. With its satirical view of Greek
politics, its dark sense of humor, and its chilling ending, the film
captures the sense of outrage about the military dictatorship that ruled
Greece at the time of its making.

Privilege (1967 - Peter Watkins ­ Feature)

After directing several extraordinary documentaries for the BBC, Peter
Watkins made his first dramatic feature with this flawed but striking film
about Steven Shorter (Paul Jones), a pop singer in a future society
where entertainment is controlled by a totalitarian government. Shorter's
music and image is used to channel the impulses of rebellious youth; in one
concert sequence, the crowd watches him sing a plaintive plea for love
and understanding while locked in a cage surrounded by police officers armed
with clubs. While Shorter is remarkably popular, he's also living a life
created for him by the government, which Steven knows is a sham. When
Shorter's handlers decide to revis image into that of an obedient, religious
boy, he rebels, to his peril. Model Jean Shrimpton made her film debut here
as an artist comissioned to paint a portrait of Shorter. Privilege later
became something of a cult film; one of the film's admirers was rock poet
Patti Smith, who recorded one of "Steven Shorter"'s songs, "Set Me Free," on
her 1978 album Easter.

(10th September update)

Gladio TV progs

Those of you who have read 'Stefano delle Chiaie. Portrait of a Black
Terrorist', 1983 (a key player in the Strategy of Tension which led to the
Piazza Fontana bombing of 1969 and the police murder of Milan's Anarchist
Black Cross secretary, Giuseppe Pinelli) may be interested in the following
three 1992 Timewatch documentaries on 'Operation Gladio' on the
ChristieBooks Brightcove site

Gladio - 1 (The Ringmasters)

Gladio - 2 (The Puppeteers)

Gladio - 3 (The Foot Soldiers)


(4th September 2007 update)

Zeitgeist - the movie (Michael Ott - 2007) on: ,

Las Fosas del Silencio (Montse Armengou i Ricard Belis) on

And Libertarias (English subtitles - 1996) on:

(24th July 2007)

Will Wyatt's TV documentary about his search for the real B Traven.

B. Traven. A Mystery Solved (1979) by Will Wyatt and Robert Robinson

Discovering Treasure: making The Treasure of the S Madre,

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

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