Arrests at Paris demonstration 22/09/06

There was a demonstration in Paris on Friday night, much like a critical mass cycle demonstration from what I could tell.
When I passed by there was a police bus containing 40-50 cyclists who had been arrested.
About 2 hours later I saw the same bus parked outside a police station, with what seemed like the same people on board.
When I arrived at the Arc de Triomphe there were still around 2-300 gendarmes, and lot of police vehicles.
There was also a mass of confiscated bikes, probably around 60 but maybe more.
The police allowed me to take a picture of the bikes, but not of the coach containing the arrested demonstrators.

Sorry this is a bit late, net access problems, I still can't figure out how to upload my picture.

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jef costello
Oct 10 2006 19:27


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Oct 13 2006 09:42

well it worked!

Joseph Kay
Oct 27 2006 09:35

hello jef just to say i'm reading you blog mate wink