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French Police sell off confiscated items

Police in the north of the country have been selling off items that have been confiscated during the investigation of crimes.

Staff rooms: a place to organise

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted the possibility of the end of the school staff room. However, one aspect of the current regulation was noticeable by its absence, staff accommodation, specifically schools no longer being obligated to provide "accommodation for use by the teachers at school, for the purpose of work and for social purposes".

Updates from Nanterre

Some of today's events at Nanterre

Nanterre strike leaflet

A translation of a leaflet distributed by students involved in the strike action and blockades.

General meeting at Nanterre

This is a translation of a flyer produced by Nanterre students.

Assemblée générale at Nanterre

This is a translation of a report of the Assemblée générale held at Nanterre, issued by the student group AGEN (general association of students of Nanterre)

France: employment law ruled to be in breach of international law

The Appeal Court in Paris has ruled that the CNE is in violation of international employment law.

Education reforms

Film of anti-sarkozy rioting in Grenoble

Demonstration against Sarkozy and his reforms.

Comité d'entreprise

Pour les jeunes de la LCR


Police asked to 'take it easy' before elections.

Demonstration against deportations.

French youth in move to the right.

Pakistan: repression at a demonstration in Kashmir.

French presidential elections

CRS end occupation at Rennes University

3 Arrests at Lyon university