Introducing myself and this blog...

This is my first blog post, so I might as well introduce myself. Rooieravotr is, in fact, Peter Storm, communist anarchist, living in Tilburg/ the Netherlands.

Long been active in an Trotskyist group (IS, sister organizationof the Britisch SWP); left 2008, turned to anarchism (turned back; I had been sympathizer with anarchism before) in the final months of 2009). Active now in several groups/ networks in the Netherlands: among others Occupy Tilburg; Vrije Bond (anarchist organization).

I intend to write here about different things: struggle in the Netherlands; international news/ backgrounds of the news; revolutionary ideas and theory, whatever fascinates me. People who can read Dutch can get an impression of what I am interested in, by visiting my blog . I have also an English-language blog, , but that is mainly silent these days.

I intend to write regularly, once a week, somwhat more, somehwt less. First article after this introduction will be part of a 3-part series, on Syria.


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Aug 7 2012 18:25


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Aug 7 2012 19:06

Excellent stuff, look forward to reading your contributions!

Aug 7 2012 20:53

Thanks for al the help & encouragement!

Joseph Kay
Aug 8 2012 07:53

Yep, welcome, looking forward to it

working class s...
Aug 8 2012 18:28

Good luck with your blog

Aug 8 2012 22:00

Thanks... first Syria piece is online now:)

Aug 9 2012 21:17

If you go to my account you can choose yourself an avatar and fill in the box of information about your blog, that will display on every page of your blog, and on the list of bloggers

Aug 9 2012 21:57

Thanks, that was what I was wondering about already ; )