On holiday next week

It's got to be August, and I haven't had any time off work since Xmas -- other than an odd ½-day to do birthday shopping for mrs button, back in May.

So I've got all next week off. Not that I'll do anything other than tidy up the flat, but anyway.

Everything seems to stress me out these days, like it's not worth the hassle of arranging to do anything. Sigh.

Ah well. My problems are as nothing compared to yours, who will have to go an entire week without reading any of my razorsharp and insightful posts. Never mind, eh? wink

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the button
Aug 3 2006 15:47


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Aug 5 2006 14:45

i bet you'll miss us

the button
Aug 14 2006 10:34

Well, I'm back. Nice of you to take the forums down, so I didn't miss anything. cool

Joseph Kay
Aug 14 2006 10:38

ahh but how do you know they were down? did the button go all cold turkey and have to check in on the boards from holiday? i think he did ... tongue

the button
Aug 14 2006 10:54

No, I saw martinh on Thursday and he told me. Honest.

Joseph Kay
Aug 14 2006 11:04

as they say on another board (and schools everywhere)