Happy holidays to all Libcom users

Happy holidays to all Libcom users

A quick post to wish all our users and readers a happy holiday season, with some notes on what 2009 holds.

There's been a lot of change on Libcom recently, with many more improvements to come in the next few months as we continue with our upgrade process.

We hope you continue to use and enjoy our site over the next year, and we constantly work to ensure it remains updated and as accessible as possible.

We recognize we have a long way to go still, and so any contributions or assistance is appreciated.

Why not make it a New Year's resolution to help out Libcom a bit? If you're just a reader, why not register to access our more advanced features, and give your views? If you're a reader, why not contribute an article every now and again, or help us out by correcting any errors in articles that you spot?

Our intention is to make Libcom the English-speaking world's best and biggest resource for pissed off workers so please get involved.

If you're around London, come to our Libcom Christmas/New Year drinks on Saturday 3 January

So Merry Christmas/happy holidays and happy New Year to all!

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Jan 3 2009 07:54

Happy new year guys, keep up the good work!

Jan 3 2009 17:32

Best wishes for the New Year - your efforts are really appreciated up north - but too far to go for a celebration pint of Fullers!

Jan 4 2009 00:47


Jan 4 2009 03:39

Ya mon....salud y anarquia from across the pond.