Forthcoming Attractions – February - May 2008

A selection of UK and US books to be distributed by Turnaround in the UK, that may be of interest.

Forthcoming Attractions – February 2008

Broue, Pierre and Temine, Emile “The Revolution and Civil War in Spain” Haymarket Books, Pbk, 590pp £30.00

St. Clair, Jeffrey “Born Under a Bad Sky. Notes from the dark side of the earth” AK Press, Pbk, 300pp £10.00

Forthcoming Attractions – March 2008

Adam, Hussein “From Tyranny to Anarchy: The Somali experience” Africa World Press. Pbk, 270pp £15.99

Anderson, S.E. “The Black Holocaust for Beginners” For beginners. Pbk. 192pp £8.99

Barlow, Maude “Blue Covenant. The global water crisis and the coming battle for the right to water” The New Press. Hbk. 208Pp £15.99

Cockburn, Claude “I, Claude. Memoirs of a subversive” AK Press. Pbk. 410pp £11.00

Napoleoni, Loretta “Rogue Economics” Seven Stories Press. Hbk. 336pp. £13.99

Forthcoming Attractions – April 2008

Beckman, Janette “Made in the UK. The music of attitude 1977 – 1983”. Powerhouse Books. 132pp. £10.99

Kashi. Ed “Curse of The Black Gold. 50 years of Oil in the Niger Delta.” Powerhouse Books. 220pp. £27.99 (over 100 full colour photos)

MacPhee, Josh and Rodriguez, Favianna “Reproduce and revolt.” Soft Skull Press. 224pp. £11.99 (contains over 400 copyright free images for political activists)

Moby (ed) “10 excellent reasons to think twice about meat.” The New Press. 160pp. £7.99

Palmer, Donald D. “Structuralism and Poststructuralism for beginners” For beginners. 192pp. £8.99

Powell, Jim “Postmodernism for beginners” For beginners. 192pp. £8.99

Smith, Martin “Stopping the Nazis last time: a history of the Anti Nazi League and Rock against Racism”. Bookmarks. 64pp. £6.99

Stalker, Peter “The No-nonsense guide to international migration” New Internationalist. 144pp. £6.99

Wise, Tim “White Like me. Reflections on race from a privileged son”. Soft Skull Press. 176pp. £8.99

Forthcoming Attractions – May 2008

Forbes, Jack D. “Columbus and Other cannibals. The Wetiko Disease of exploitation, imperialism and terrorism” Seven Stories Press Pbk. 224pp. £8.99

Leacock, Eleanor Burke “Myths of male Dominance. Collected articles on women cross-culturally”. Haymarket Books. Pbk. 360pp. £11.99

Loewen, James W. “Lies my teacher told me. Everything your American history teacher got wrong” The New Press. Hbk 464pp £15.99

Schiller, Margrit “Remembering the armed struggle: life in Baader-Meinhof” Zidane Press. Pbk. 186pp. £8.99

Schmidt, Michael and van der Walt, Lucien “Global Fire. 150 years of International Anarchism and Syndicalism. Counter-Power . Vol 2” AK Press. Pbk. 500pp £18.00

Strobl, Ingrid “Partisanas. “Women in the armed resistance to fascism and German Occupation (1936-1945)” AK Press. Pbk. 320pp £13.00

Woudhuysen, James and Kaplinsky, Joe “Energise!” Beautiful Books. Pbk 160pp £7.99

Zarembka, Paul (ed) “The Hidden History of 9/11”. Seven Stories Press Pbk 384pp £11.99

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