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ChristieBooks now hangs out its digital shingle at

Please also remember that we do not carry advertising; we subsist (after a
fashion) through donations and the sale of books, prints and other media ‹
and depend, therefore, on your ongoing financial support to help maintain
and expand our multimedia library-archive project.

NEW FILM TITLES (30 January 2008) INCLUDE two of Buñuel's Mexican films with
English sub-titles ‹ black comedies about men with dark obsessions:

Ensayo de un crimen ‹ The Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz (1955 Luis
Buñuel ‹ Feature ‹ English subtitles)

El ‹ This Strange Passion (1952 Luis Buñuel ‹ Feature ‹ English subtitles)

...and an intelligent film about romance and justice in which Cary Grant
plays an anarchist falsely accused of burning down the factory in which he

The Talk of the Town (1942 George Stevens)

And one of the most powerful documentaries we have yet seen on the growth of
the US radical movement in the 1960s. Unfortunately, we had to break it into
ten segments due to copyright problems with the musical soundtrack:

Berkeley in the 60s 1 (of 10) (1990 Mark Kitchell ‹ Documentary)

For an up-to-date alphabetic click-through listing (Word-doc) please email
us with'Film List' in the subject box. Remember, you can embed any of these
films in your own website or Blog.

We almost lost our entire email list recently due to an increasingly
decrepit comuter so we would appreciate it if those wishing to be kept up to
date with what's new on the site could send a confirmatory registration
email to us at

ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 2UX

more new films:

A Sangre y Fuego: Malaga 1936 (Exequiel Caldas ‹ Documentary)

Liberty Bound (2004 Christine Rose ‹ Documentary)

Spanish Civil War 1: - Prelude to Tragedy (1982 David Hart ‹ Documentary)

Spanish Civil War 2: - Revolution, Counter Revolution and Terror (1982 David
Hart ‹ Documentary)

Spanish Civil War 3: - Battleground for Idealists (1982 David Hart ‹

Spanish Civil War 4: - Franco and the Nationalists (1982 David Hart ‹

Spanish Civil War 5: - Inside the Revolution (1982 David Hart ‹ Documentary)

Spanish Civil War 6: - Victory and Defeat (1982 David Hart ‹ Documentary)

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Just finished watching the 1982 documentary, gotta love that archive footage smile
Thanks for the links.