Check out's class struggle timeline Facebook timeline

As a new feature, we have set up a timeline of working class and libertarian communist history on our Facebook fan page. Why not take a look?

[2016 update: this feature no longer works due to a change in how Facebook pages are displayed]

And if you haven't already why not take the time to "like" our page, or recommend it to your friends? It's online here:

To navigate the timeline just click the year links towards the right hand side of the page.

We only set this up at the weekend, so we will be adding lots more to it in the future.

At some point we would also like to be able to navigate such timelines on itself, so if any techies could help us do that please let us know in the comments below.

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Apr 3 2012 16:24


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Schizo Stroller
Apr 3 2012 18:34

How can I see it if I'm not on facebook? Or am I going to have to wait for those techies?

Apr 3 2012 19:47

Even if you are not registered on Facebook you can still see it, but the links to the timeline are not on the right of the page anymore, you need to scroll down then click the button called "now" and choose the year you want to see

Joseph Kay
Apr 3 2012 19:48

I wonder if this is what we need?

Apr 3 2012 23:06

I've used the Simile project stuff, what the drupal timeline module is based on, a few years back...definitely an interesting bit of software...but I believe you could accomplish the same sort of thing with calendar & event modules, mind you it would be a bit of data entry...

Bob Savage
Apr 4 2012 00:35

Yeah I've seen you guys updating this as you go. Looks pretty sweet, good job!

Apr 4 2012 08:20
Joseph Kay wrote:
I wonder if this is what we need?

could be. I remember ages ago Mike posted links to some amazing looking Drupal timelines

Mar 19 2013 17:47

I think the thing is lovely! But yes, it should be here on Libcom, and prominently, for all to see.